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Hi and welcome! I'm Angelica Nelson.  Just before Christmas, 2017, I found out I probably have Celiac disease or Non Celiac Gluten Sensitivity, NCGS. The diagnosis was difficult and not traditional, mostly based on my genetics and my symptoms.  The Gastroenterologist MD I saw didn't think it was advisable to do an endoscopy for several reasons, but he advised me to not split hairs because it's risky, and to say only that I have Celiac disease. Up until then I had been saying "NCGS."

As I studied the illness more and more, I became convinced that I had it long before it was diagnosed.  A few moments in my history stood out as times when I should've been screened earlier.  First, when I was 3 and was ill, a screening should've alerted my parents that I might have Celiac someday.  Then, at about 9 years old I had a long period of terrible gut illness.  Then at 16 when PCOS became active. Next at about 22 when migraines became active (that took 10 more years to diagnose too).  Finally, after I had blood clots for no apparent reason in 2006.  The clots were small and ended up in my lungs.

The wheels of medicine turn so slowly that by the time I was diagnosed, I had several "extraintestinal manifestations" of Celiac disease.  That means the immune system attacks the body, beyond just the gut, in Celiac disease.  I have many genes that are being investigated for involvement in Celiac disease, some are "virulence" genes, others are being considered for inclusion in the genetic test for potential Celiac disease.

If I have one message, it's, hurry up, employ the researchers and pave the way for their research to become clinical practice. We can't wait 30 years for one advance. That's almost half of somebody's life. Get a move on.  

I am owned by a couple of kitties, and have a wonderful husband, Doug.

My education included lots of Biology and Chemistry so I sometimes highlight new research articles, and discuss them in a very technical way.  In order to save my body from total breakdown, I had to continue and even improve my skills at reading scientific articles directly from journals.  I think if I didn't have that skill, I might be even worse off now.  Instead, my health indicators are all improving according to my doctor and he's very happy with my progress.

I believe in a very strict gluten free diet, that eliminates cross contamination completely, and eliminates products that claim gluten free but actually include shady ingredients like wheat starch and 'natural flavor' among others.

None of the links in any of my articles is an affiliate link, my opinions are totally my own. My blog is not monetized and will not be. 

Thanks for visiting, please make suggestions, and please tell someone local!


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