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Life and Death and Ayurveda

#GhaziabadPoliceInNews #UPPInNews #Ghaziabad #GoodWorkUPP @Uppolice @adgzonemeerut @igrangemeerut @amitpathak09 — GHAZIABAD POLICE (@ghaziabadpolice) April 25, 2021   One of the many memories I have of my grandmother is, every time she got sick, (we lived in Romania when I was very young), she visited a lady I was not allowed to meet or even enter the house of.  She came away with some herbs and usually an instruction for what plants we were going to gather that day.  Usually chamomile.  Then we went home, she'd make a brew, strain half of it for tea, and the other half would be used for steam.  She would sit with a towel carefully around her head and over the steaming pot of water and inhale.   Even in the US, the Vicks Inhaler is a product you can find in any Walmart, pharmacy or online. This is not so strange or unusual.    This was just basic folk wisdom in Eastern Europe, but in India, they're doing something very similar and it's an at

Q&A Natures Roots Farm Has Closed

 Updated! I was occasionally buying meat, especially "forest finished pork" from Nature's Roots Farm ( archived ) ( historical archived ) and suddenly received their email saying they'd closed.  They provided A2 milk, better than Organic meat and farm products and were all around a fun farming family in NC. I'm really sorry to hear that they're leaving.   If you're also a customer and looking for continuity, the new source is Farm to Form Meat Riot .  What an amusing name. :)  And for A2 milk it will probably be Grass Grazed . I got in touch by email eventually and this is the reply to some questions about their decision:    Would you be willing to be quoted regarding a few questions?  1.  Your idea for forest-fed better than Organic pork was innovative and unique, is anyone taking over it?  People always ask us if we are certified organic and we tell them if we went by certified organic standards we would have to lower our standards.  So we would refe