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Guaca-Tuna! Guaca-Tuna! Yeah!

  Here's an easy yet innovative recipe for picky eaters.  This tuna sandwich doesn't smell fishy, or taste strongly of fish.  It doesn't even really taste of guacamole very much.  Somehow all the strong flavors cancel each other out and a neutral crowd pleasing tuna salad is born! I'm squeamish about "fishy" smell when it comes to eating healthy tuna or other fish.  Mayo with tuna is okay, but it tends to magnify the fishy flavor and smell for me, and I usually have to load it down with onion, which just makes it even more smelly.  So I searched around for a better way.     It's fun saying Guaca-Tuna!   There's a small following of people who like to make tuna salad with guacamole, and another group who like to use cottage cheese.  After some experiments I found a recipe I like best, and it's so easy! It can be used in exactly the same way you use any tuna salad, in a sandwich, on celery sticks, or topping a green salad. You can even make a tuna me