Covid-19, Ventilation and CPAP Machines

Photo by Rahul Pandit from Pexels

Let me just scoop the WHO right now, and tell you that they will probably tell us to ventilate fresh air into workplaces and homes fairly soon.  New robust science on Covid-19 suggests that aerosol droplets which hang in the air for much longer than expected, and do not fall to the ground, as we've been told are one reason why we're having trouble controlling this infection.  I'm not sure what the downside would be to telling people to ventilate clean fresh air into indoor spaces regularly in order to prevent aerosolized viral transmission risk.  I mean it's just good health practice to have fresh air anyway.

I know it's summer and it's HOT out there, but open your windows. 

Here's how:

In the morning, as early as possible, before the bugs are buzzing, and before it's too hot, open up, and let the air flow through for at least 30-60 min.  Then you can close up and turn the AC back on.  Do this at least every other day.  Let the house air out while you do the things you normally do in the morning. Or you can do that before bed, after you've turned off the lights, so insects aren't attracted to your lights. In the 1970s, there used to be "whole house fans" which were fans in the attic that vented air out through the roof.  You could turn that on, open the windows and pull air in actively.  It only took minutes to ventilate.  I think they can still be installed if you have your own home. But the kitchen vent can often be turned to max and used in a similar way. It's just much weaker.

There's a video for all the new science on aerosolized viral transmission.  Of special interest, many Americans have CPAP machines at home.  So if we've acknowledged that CPAPs cause aerosolization, then the slower this information goes public, the longer families will be in danger at home.  And the solution is simple, ventilate the bedroom.


239 Scientists agree on aerosolization.


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