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All Together Now #BLM #ReadingList

If you're Caucasian and you haven't seen this video , I strongly recommend pulling up your big girl panties and watching it.  It will hurt.   Yet, you still have to see it.  I think that's the central issue of why white people still tiptoe around black people.  And why black people still barely tolerate us.  And that's exactly the way it should be until society finally rights this wrong.  If you don't know what Rosewood and Tulsa/Greenwood are, please go and look them up.  I went to a great high school and history class totally skipped over that part. I'm betting yours did too. Need me to back up? Reading this years later?  George Floyd was murdered by police officers in May 2020 (upsetting video) and it took a few days to work out exactly how it happened that he ended up on the ground being kneeled on and unable to breathe.   Protests against police brutality and racism in general erupted immediately around the world. And if you're a woman, then there&