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 At times like this, when everyone is trying to persuade everyone else of just about everything... I try to look for the voices that we don't often hear.  What do they say?  How are they doing? What does this crisis look like in other countries?  We can look at a map, but do we hear the voices of the people who live there?  I started doing searches for news videos form different parts of the world, discussing the pandemic and how they are doing.  I think that when you're evaluating the advice being given, or the criticism being leveled, it would be good to get a few more voices involved.

I've seen people in the past few days sounding like this is the end of days, and others blithely uncaring about their own or other people's lives.  Then I heard one US State Governor say that he didn't know about the 14 day incubation period of Covid-19, and then do a 180, ordering people to stay at home.  How could he not have known, I wonder?  Was he living under a rock?

I think we need to decontaminate our brains of a lot of nonsense, such as claims that Covid-19 is a hoax.  And there's no better way to do that than listen to more people, from as many parts of the world as possible.

Nothing will balance your viewpoint like world travel.  And now you can do it in your living room.  Neat, huh?

First let's remember that not everyone lives in a nuclear family in the US.  Many countries around the world are dominated by several generations of a family living in the same home.  And monasteries exist where people live together in different ways than we usually assume.  Additionally, the poor and those in second world countries may not have internet access at all.  To those who have less entertainment opportunities at home, restrictions are much more boring and painful.  If it comes on top of a job loss it can make restlessness worse.  Let's try to understand worldwide resistance among some groups to stay at home orders in that context. 

The fact that I"m writing this blog means I'm privileged with a computer and internet connection. Not everyone has that. But we all must stay home to protect ourselves.

After watching these videos (below), I'm more convinced than ever that the highest death rate for Covid-19 is likely to be doctors and nurses.  We have to give them every consideration, including letting them wear or not wear PPE when they feel it's necessary. (Warning, that link will depress you mightily.)  As always, let doctors be doctors.

In no particular order, this is what a subset of the world has to say at the end of March, 2020, about how they're handling the global crisis.

Pacific Islands


Latin America




European Union (refugee camps amid the crisis)




...  by the way that fellow on the left, Dr. John Campbell has instructive videos explaining Coronavirus on youtube.  He's a PhD, hence doctor.  And a former Emergency Room nurse.


My heart goes out to the doctors and healthcare workers who are our true heroes right now.  I'm probably the worst patient ever, with my "I have red hair, usual pain meds don't work on me."  and my "I have light sensitivity"  and my "Drugs work weird on me, I have a high % of Neanderthal DNA..."  and the  "I have Celiac, can I please just eat my own meal bars instead of risk the kitchen food?"  and other stuff no doctor wants to hear when they're rushed.  But that doesn't mean I don't appreciate them and everything they do.  Thank you.

By the way , the CDC now recommends that everyone wears a cloth face mask (not the medical kind, the cloth washable kind) when in public areas like grocery stores and pharmacies.  There's some scammy looking ones on Amazon, but if you have a needle, some thread, some elastic and a T-shirt, you can make your own.  So take a few minutes away from the Harry Potter marathon (hehe) and make one or two.

Donations and Email Scams

 Never respond to a donation request that came in by email, and you can't find the donation request on the legitimate website.  So for instance, Bernie Sanders for President asks for a donation in email.  I would go to the Bernie for President site first, verify they are asking for donations and give through that, if I want to.  The reason is not just because it might be a fake email, but also because in the transfer between my email (unsecure) an a donation site (secure), there may be some funny business and I don't want that risk.  Now there are scams involving certain websites that are official and are open to email spoofing.

Here's exactly how this happens:

So keep your balance.  Like senior citizens who are targeted more than most people for scams, you should institute a good measure of skepticism  about anything that asks you for money or promises to solve a problem.  The default action is not to give to anyone who asks by email.  At this time of crisis though, that can be hard on your local community.  So take the email as a reminder only, don't reply to it.  Call your local food shelf, or the organization you want to donate to, and ask the best way to give.

🥰  Keep your heart open, but guarded.  🥰


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