Covid-19 Restrictions: Ordering Food for Pick up or Delivery

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Wow so in a few days so much has changed. I no longer feel like joking about the Zombie Apocalypse. That's not to say I have lost my sense of humor, it's just that, in a few days, I no longer think it's funny. And that's a big switch. It's important not to get too panicked, but it's also important to maintain your health as best you can right now. As such, many people are switching to ordering food delivery instead of going out to get it. And therefore I got in touch with two safe for Celiac restaurants that offer delivery of freshly cooked food to your door or to pick up locations near you. This prevents people from gathering in restaurants where they would be too close for social distancing to work.

But first, Happy St. Patrick's Day!  🍀

Two Services that have Take Out suitable for Celiacs

With Celiac, all meals that you didn't make yourself are a risk.  Even those you did make could have some hidden gluten if a label changed and you didn't realize.  Worrying about it can drive a person crazy, so many health officials tell us to stay calm about it until a better treatment comes out than just diet.  So, remember, you're an expert at staying calm in a crisis.  Your diet is always a crisis.  See?  You can handle this too.

I got in touch with two restaurants I would trust and I suggest you do the same.  I asked them where or if they offer delivery or take out services.  And whether or not they are "open."  This morning, restaurants were open and this evening, NC health officials limited all restaurants to "take out" status.

What a day!  

So stay calm and order food from...

 Fresh Levant   call to arrange:
OPEN with limited hours, check the hours before calling.
  • Curbside Pick Up
  • Take Out
  • Delivery within a 5 mile radius
Fresh Levant Online Orders
984. 200.3999

Well Leaf Chef (Triangle Gluten Free)  call or order online (I recommend you call or email Chef Patterson, either way)
NOTE:  She is taking a break for now, check with her for when she plans to re-open.
  • Care packages of fresh food from local farmers
  • Fresh made casseroles
  • Lasagna
  • Pot Pies 
  • Local Drop off points in Durham, Chapel Hill and Raleigh
  • Delivery (with fee)
Well Leaf Contact:  Phone:  919 - 659 - 0402    Email:

If you'd like me to add your restaurant to this list, please contact me at the email on the sidebar.  I will post updates if I find other safe for Celiac delivery services.  Remember that Instacart, Walmart Delivery and Amazon Prime Whole Foods will deliver groceries to you also.While I don't recommend things like Grubhub for people with Celiac, a grocery delivery service is not out of the question.

Newsy Stuff

The news has a great deal to say about the virus and so what can a little blog do? Well I can try to focus on some ways to keep your spirits up and bring you personal stories of people who are surviving the storm. I see the role of the blog to fill in the smaller stories that may be charming and hopeful, while helping people find local resources to help themselves.

A little humor (video):

A woman from the Diamond Princess shares her real life experience (video):

I hope all our experiences will be as simple as hers. 

Reasonable Fears

Can I just interject some personal experience please? A lot of this restriction sounds a lot like a totalitarian government to someone like me who has some experience with that. Please be kind to people who may have had a history of dealing with a totalitarian government, or may have experienced discrimination. This is a time to give more exceptions, not less, to those who are different from you. And for those whose traumas have been reawakened, I can only offer this: All forms of control can be done for good or bad reasons.

As an analogy, your parents controlled you when you were a child, hopefully, for protective reasons and because they loved you. A cruel government controls people without concern for their safety and without caring about them, usually for personal gain or to impose a certain attitude (such as people who are "not Chinese enough" and must be "re-educated" in the view of the government). That's the essential difference between abuse and parenting. I would say to everyone, be aware that some people have emotional scars that won't go away just because they're "just feelings." Keep the focus on helping each other and caring.

💗  💗  💗



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