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Chinese Herbal Chicken Soup with Ultra Clear Broth

Here's is a lovely and easy soup from China.  There's so much negativity about China lately, that I thought it was time to undo some of it with some authentic Chinese comfort food. This soup is gorgeous, and it showcases a little known chef's technique for making a reliably clear soup broth.

When it's simmering, the house is filled with a gentle sweet/herbal bouquet. It uses a kit which can be bought for just a few dollars to flavor the soup, and needs only ginger and carrots, plus one whole chicken.  Scroll down to skip intro and get right to the recipe.  I can think of no better way to ward off the estrangement of a trade war than through comfort food.
The soup is, of course, renowned for its ability to stop a cold in its tracks.  My other reason for presenting it, besides that it's a beautiful soup, is that I found out I lost a chance to make up with a friend that I fell out with.  With all that's happening in Hong Kong right now, I just wanted to be sure s…