The 'Celiac Vaccine' Nexvax2 is Discontinued

Photo from rawpixels at Pexels

This is a brief news update.  The widely reported "Celiac vaccine" that was in phase 2 clinical trials was not shown to be better than placebo.  I'm disappointed, but also I'm glad they were clear about what didn't work so we can focus on the next steps.  I don't think any disease is "incurable" and certainly not because one drug failed.  Living with Celiac is a hassle and people deserve to have brilliant minds working on possible solutions.

I'm really grateful to ImmusanT for their work and for stopping the trial with integrity.  These days, it's not certain that a drug company will end trials for a failed drug.  So I'm glad they've shown they're sincerely seeking a real, sustainable solution. And it's valuable to me that they're seeking a cure. Which is another uncertainty in today's medical marketplace.  So I want to thank them for their work and I hope to see more ideas from them in the future, as well as a "cure" focus.

An article describing the study and its end is here:

If you have a moment, use the contact on their website and thank them for their work.  I hope they know that I appreciate their effort and though disappointed, I am still hopeful.


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