Primal Restaurant is Closed!

One of the Celiac safe promotional dinner events at Primal Food and Spirits, while it was open.

Primal is closed!  I'm as shocked as you are!  In fact both restaurants run by Tim Lyons are closed:

Only the bar in Hillsborough is still open:

Please join me in thanking Tim Lyons and Bo Peterson for their dedication to Celiac-safe 100% gluten free restaurant food in the Triangle!  You can message him through Facebook, I suppose.  At this time, I've asked "what happened?" but haven't received a reply yet.  A local restaurant blog did answer though and it looks like the restaurants may not have been as profitable as hoped.  But I'm not sure. 

I'd like to write a longer thank you article, including how long they were in business, what challenges they faced, and maybe a story or two of the good times.  Because good times were certainly had. 

Until then, thank you, and we'll miss you, Primal.


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