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Learning to Cook - A Celiac Disease Essential Guide

Is your New Year's resolution to eat less packaged foods?  Well if so, then you're in luck because I'm about to share my favorite tips and videos for home cooking!  

Going gluten free forces many people to cook regularly for the first time.  Even if you believe that you can't boil water, there are some strategies you can use to learn to make yourself safe, gluten free food at home.  And it will be better than what you find in restaurants anyway.

As a GF cook, you will need to get hip on how to travel with your own meals, where to safely heat up your food, how to safely use a shared kitchen, and many other strategies that the average cook doesn't need to worry about. I'm not sure I can cover all aspects of all of those things in one post, so I will limit this one to just cooking techniques I consider essential, and follow with a collection of videos that may help you.

So how does one learn to cook?  
One good place to start is a free trial of the NY Times Cooking

Toxicity and Truth on Today's Internet

For the last two years, it has become obvious that there is a tone of insincerity in the  toxicity of comments and posts online. There's always been an edge of risk, but lately it's become so toxic out there, that if you shared your thoughts, the response was very likely to be overly harsh and judgemental.  And in an Orwellian twist, a "conspiracy theory", that it was due to the Russian paid trolls, turned out to be true... even while they turned out to be promoting other, false, conspiracy theories.  It's enough to make your head spin!

In the first few years of the internet, the old BBS/college culture of the internet(s) made space for itself on the new open "www" network.  It was a culture that appreciated amusement and dabbled in trolling, but it wasn't directed at any goal, just people talking.

Recently the toxicity of the internet has been given cover by the attitude that such trash talking was just normal people talking.  Actually it wasn'…