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Why Insurance Meddling in Doctor Decisions and Pharmacies Must Stop

On July 16th, 2018, HHS took down the guidelines for doctors website, .  I'm pretty sure that's who made it not-ok for ER's to give vitamin IV's, which have helped me a great deal. So I hope it's obvious why I'm glad it's gone. I'd be even happier if guidelines written by insurance companies were also repealed. Clinical Practice Guidelines, published by insurance companies, and many other government bureaucracies bind doctor's hands so that in some cases it's impossible to give you proper medical care.  Here's more of them .  They're not going to go away easily.  Their original purpose was to help people identify correct treatments.  But in effect it has merely helped identify when they've been treated with a non standard treatment so if it turns out badly, they have some basis on which to sue for malpractice and hopefully that way they can afford to have the correct treatment or be compensated for a

Intravenous Therapy to the Rescue!

In the past month I've had 4 Intravenous treatments with 0.9% saline and nutrients. I have now slowed down to once every 3 weeks, which is what I noticed was the maximum time for a good effect from one IV. Each one is around $200 so I'm glad the big push is over. I also feel "worlds" better! Recap: I get these IV's because it's hard for me to generate that initial burst of energy that is required to do anything important like stand up our of a chair, have good reflexes, or even recover from an exertion.  This fatigue type could be caused by one or more of four doctor diagnosed conditions I have, but the two I focus on are ME/CFS and Celaic (officially Non Celiac Gluten Sensitivity, but I've been told to just say Celiac). The other two are Osteoarthritis and Fibro. I'm very suspicious of the Fibro diagnosis even thought it fits, but that's another story. My recovery and my energy levels, despite the st