The Children in Cages - The Families Torn Apart

I've taken a sabbatical from my blog because something urgent needs my attention.  As Americans we have to reckon with our government's increasingly draconian declarations against immigration.  Once we were seen as the free world, the hope of the world, the leaders of the free world.  Now we should be ashamed of the images and all media showing our treatment of migrants is similar to concentration camps. Our collective pride is wounded.  The trust the world placed in us has finally crumbled.

France called, they are repossessing the Statue of Liberty!

There is still a silver lining.  Leaders on both sides of the political fence have spoken out against the practice of separating parents and children after they turn themselves in close to the border in the southwest.  On May 7th the practice was announced and the country exploded in outrage.  We have had enough of the step-by-step evils.  This past Sunday there were Father's Day rallies and speeches in the southwest and many other places, following other protests on June 14th.  The pressure continues to build and now we're in an uncertain stage.

The country acknowledges that what we're doing is wrong. But what do we do to reverse it?  First it has to stop.  Then how do we reunite families?  Then how do we make the system efficient enough to separate the criminals from the parents?  And the immigrants from the asylum seekers?  Many tough questions loom.  This will not be an overnight fix.  But I'm proud of my country for blowing the whistle when things went so far out of hand. We can do better and we will.

When I came to the US, there weren't any cages. But that was decades ago.  We need to find a new normal that maintains the dignity of the people who come to our borders.  If they enter our criminal justice system in the new "zero tolerance" policy, they will not be treated fairly because the safeties guaranteed citizens and legal residents are not guaranteed to migrants.

Globally we all need to start putting together the puzzle that leads to unprecedented migration everywhere.  Unstable governments, drug cartels, terrorism, these are all connected and they cause the problem of people fleeing for a better and more stable place to live. Sometimes they're fleeing the agitators themselves.

My personal opinion is that we need to start decriminalizing low risk street drugs like marijuana to remove as much revenue as possible from the cartels that support global instability.  But ultimately, effective police / security within South American countries will limit the reach of gangs into every neighborhood, and slow the flow of boys fleeing for the safety of our border.  

The most important thing we can do with this new anger and outcry about America's current mistakes is to keep paying attention to global affairs.  I recommend this website as a good source of global news, but you can also go to any "news bias" website, and seek out balanced and high truth news sources.  Let the conversation continue.

We are better than this. 


Edit:  Some may disagree with the word fascism.  I don't.  Human beings created civilization so that horrors, like losing your kids when you've done nothing wrong, will not be inflicted on the innocent. That's the purpose of government, of civilization, and of law.  Several months later, John Oliver, a political humorist posted the following video.  I wish I were 1/10th as eloquent. Warning: the last scene might be very traumatic.

When I watched that I realized that it was the first completely lucid account of what happened and how close we are to having it happen again.  If you found yourself thinking, I didn't know how we handled that.  That's ok.  It's normal.  You didn't need to know because the old system worked. Don't let the situation shame you into silence.  Your voice matters.


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