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Frequently updated.  Resources and a network of local providers, meetups, conferences and food sources.  I will add to this post as often as I confirm new information.  It should be Featured (pinned to the top of the blog).  If it's not, please let me know. General Information on Celiac Disease and related links are found at the bottom of the article (very long page, and yes it needs some reorganization).

Need some advice now that you're diagnosed with Celiac Disease or Non-Celiac Gluten Sensitivity?  It can be hard to find my older articles that are of special help to those starting out, but I've collected them on This Page for your convenience.
*Due to SARS-Cov2 aka, Coronavirus, aka Covid-19, I have not heard of any meetings taking place since January. This was the schedule before the emergency.  Additionally, you should call restaurants you intend to support and ask how to order.  Many have switched to take out only.  Oddly, the on-demand labs that do routine te…

Avance has Covid19 Testing (yes really)

Quick note to let you know, I was able to make an appointment for Covid19 testing at Avance Health Care in Durham.  My doctor's office did not offer this testing service. And Walgreens has a daunting online screening form.  So your best bet if you want a test right now is to try Avance.  They said they charge the copay from your insurance because people were getting billed by the testing company if they don't.  So the rumors of "free testing" are not realized as far as I know.  However, the testing does exist in Durham.

I hope we are all are able to get a test, and it shows we had it, and we never really got terribly sick from it.  That's the best case scenario, I think.  💖

Avance Care  website for Durham location.

NC ranks 43rd in the nation for testing, so please tell your friends about this testing site.

Update:  this afternoon (on the 22nd of May) I got an email from Governor Cooper with a link to a list of Covid 19 testing sites in the state. The PDF he sent…

I am one of the #MillionsMissing and I Thank #Nurses Today

The roots of my illness were visible very early on, but two events in particular led to my downfall from being able to work.  First, I had a lot of dental work at age 18.  Some of it was caps which didn't fit in my small jaw and caused TMJ, which later triggered one of the types of headaches I have.  I have a genetic disposition to migraines anyway and in two years, I had classic migraines.  Second, I had food poisoning at the same time as the first SARS epidemic (2004).  I suspect I had SARS that same year as well. 

Within two years I had been hospitalized with multiple Pulmonary Embolisms and three lung infarcts. My lungs have never fully recovered.  According to even the most conservative reading of the Myalgic Encephalomyelitis / Chronic Fatigue Syndrome / Post Viral Fatigue medical coding, I have post viral fatigue.  To the best of my doctor's knowledge I had reactivation of "Mono" which is Epstein Barr Virus around 2010, and by 2012, I was having trouble worki…

Covid-19 Testing Comes to Durham NC but You Probably Won't Qualify

I'm ambivalent about announcing that WRAL news says there is now Coronavirus testing in Durham NC.  However they say you must use the online screening to qualify.  And I didn't qualify, big surprise!  And then I lied a bit to see if I could get it to work.  I didn't say I was a healthcare worker, that's one fib too far.  I wasn't able to use any combination of answers to their screening questions that I could think of, short of saying falsely that I am a health care worker.  Earlier in the pandemic, CVS and Walgreens were advertising testing for healthcare workers only.  So I think that's still the case.

This is a rant.  If you don't like rants, stop reading now.
From my brief testing of the screening site, if you say you have symptoms, if you checkmark any of the items which are classic symptoms like "shortness of breath (not serious)" it tells you to go to an Emergency Room right away.  They ask for no details like "is shortness of breath …

Meat Processing, Pandemics and the Kitchen

This is a time when some common sense changes in behavior are worth doing, especially for those whose gut is more sensitive than the norm. Meat is going through a shortage, and it's a naturally gluten free food, absolutely essential for recovering from Celiac disease. We also finally have some official lists of cleaning products that can destroy SARS-CoV2, aka the Coronavirus responsible for the disease, Covid-19. This article is targeted toward people whose gut system is tender and warrants extra consideration during this crisis. There's no harm in anyone adopting these behaviors temporarily, though. 

*  *  *
In a pandemic, even the richest countries with the fewest food related pathogens may need to take extra precautions.  I feel that it's my responsibility to speak up when I don't hear the official sources empowering us enough. In the human experience, risky food and water are a common problem.  And just as it doesn't help to deny a pandemic is happening, it…

Amazon Has De-prioritized Cooking Utensils During the Covid-19 Pandemic

In the midst of a global pandemic, Amazon has been defiant (with me) about keeping cooking utensils on a low priority.  Here are a few screenshots to highlight the problem. This is a dangerous stance because food is a necessity and if you're diagnosed with Celiac now, you will have to go out to a real store to buy new utensils.  People with Celiac have to reorganize their kitchens and often need to buy many new things.  When I asked them about it, one agent actually dropped me without even making an answer, and another offered to make a special case for one item for me.  

Maybe it's my history of having lived through the rationing of a brutal Communist regime, but that offer bothered me more than the priority change.  This pandemic is creating some nasty side effects on the normal pace of life.  I didn't even know how to react to that request.  On the one hand it was someone trying to be nice (and I responded to that).  On the other hand, it's the camel's nose in…

Coronavirus Around the World

At times like this, when everyone is trying to persuade everyone else of just about everything... I try to look for the voices that we don't often hear.  What do they say?  How are they doing? What does this crisis look like in other countries?  We can look at a map, but do we hear the voices of the people who live there?  I started doing searches for news videos form different parts of the world, discussing the pandemic and how they are doing.  I think that when you're evaluating the advice being given, or the criticism being leveled, it would be good to get a few more voices involved.

I've seen people in the past few days sounding like this is the end of days, and others blithely uncaring about their own or other people's lives.  Then I heard one US State Governor say that he didn't know about the 14 day incubation period of Covid-19, and then do a 180, ordering people to stay at home.  How could he not have known, I wonder?  Was he living under a rock?

I think…

People with Active Celiac Are More Susceptible to Covid-19 and Pneumonia

If you have Celiac, don't get glutened now, because it will make it easier for Coronavirus to harm you. That's the message from a new video posted by Dr. Alessio Fasano, Director of the Massachusetts General Hospital Center for Celiac Research and Treatment.  (Press the arrow/play button to watch.)

If you don't know who he is, he's a bit of a superstar of the Celiac community.  He and fellow researchers, performed a study, over a decade ago, and worldwide, showing that the prevalence of Celiac is much higher than previously thought.  He found local variations in prevalence such as, that North Africa has a lot more of it than we do in the US. Many of his findings were fascinating, surprising, and ultimately led to the provision of safer food for people with Celiac Disease. Since then, he has continued to support the community and performed more studies.

Viruses and Bacteria
So let's talk a bit about viruses and bacteria.  A flu virus burns itself out in a few days, …