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Frequently updated.  Resources and a network of local providers, meetups, conferences and food sources.  I will add to this post as often as I confirm new information.  It should be Featured (pinned to the top of the blog).  If it's not, please let me know. General Information on Celiac Disease and related links are found at the bottom of the article (very long page).

Safe Restaurants - If it's in this list, I've eaten there personally.  NOTE:  Although it's not something I've seen locally, it is possible to certify Gluten Free food service.
Primal  (fine dining, call ahead or reservations)  Akashi (sushi bar)Bull City Ciderworks  (bar, cider is GF, the food truck nearby is not GF though) Fresh Levant (welcoming atmosphere, in good weather, can sit outdoors, reservations recommended for dinner)

Photo by:Matthew Henry
Haven't tried these, but probably good restaurants:
Burger 21 - I need to find more information to verify their GF protocols, but I ate a the one…

A Collection of Homesteading and Gardening Ideas

Today you'll find out the depth of my idealistic crunchy granola nature. 🌈  One of my biggest regrets about my fatigue syndrome is that I have a very hard time actually using the wonderful fresh air and soil that surrounds my house and turning it into a working garden.  Each year I promise myself this is the year I'm going to do it.  And this year's excuse is that I just spent $900 redoing my kitchen to be gluten free.  And to grow seedlings, I'd want to build a covered outdoor bed.  Not to mention, hire a roto-tiller.  This year I'm not sure I can afford it.  However, I can share my thoughts on homesteading and organic gardening.

Maybe it will inspire me, and maybe someone else will be inspired too.
Ideas on Gardening:  Do you know about permaculture?  It's not just a philosophy of farming, it's a philosophy of life.  It trains a person to think of ways to better integrate with their natural world, and challenges one to come up with ways to work with n…

Tips and An Introductory Guide to Produce Shopping

When an illness strikes that limits food options, cooking at home becomes essential.  Until now most of you were able to grab something in any convenience store and eat on the run. Now that you're gluten free and cooking more frequently, you might want a quick guide to healthy choices in the supermarket.  As we're heading into the next lush summer full of locally grown produce and the best of imports, let's review the choices at the store and identify where the best choices are. Some tips for how to navigate the markets, especially if you're shopping for fresh foods for the first time, or adding healthier fruits and vegetables to your cart these days.

Categories of Produce:
Produce (no special designation) - for most of the produce available (fruits and vegetables) plain is fine and it doesn't automatically mean it's full of pesticides or devoid of vitamins.  On the contrary this is still the best choice for many items because they are perishable, and they sell …

Research - Mystery Liver Enzyme Elevations Plus Top 10 Tips for Eating more Liver without Tears

Raise your hand if your doctor has said something like "your liver enzymes are slightly above normal, but it's nothing to worry about" (yet).  People hear that all the time.  Most people don't suspect Celiac could be the cause of it, but it can.  One of the many effects that Celiac can have on the body's organs is "Celiac hepatitis."  After the featured article are my tips for preparing liver without fuss in your diet.

The article:

Minerva Med. Author manuscript; available in PMC 2014 Mar 4.
Published in final edited form as:
Minerva Med. 2008 Dec; 99(6): 595–604.
PMCID: PMC3941070
PMID: 19034257
Alberto Rubio-Tapia, MD and Joseph A. Murray, MD
Division of Gastroenterology and Hepatology, Department of Medicine Mayo Clinic College of Medicine Rochester, MN 55905

Abstract (full article available for free online):
Celiac disease is a chronic immune-mediated multisystem disorder tha…

A Baker's Dozen of Gluten Free Flour Tips

Gluten gets all the glory in baking, but many other components of dough are equally, if not more important in baking.  For this post, I want to remind you that all the words we use to describe pieces of flours, such as gluten, starch, and more technically, mucilage and oligosaccharides... these are all collections of different components in flour, not monolithic single chemicals that we can write down as a formula or draw a picture of.  We could probably make a model of a gliadin molecule found in one variety of wheat and even write out its formula, but it would be different than a secalin molecule found in a variety of rye... yet both are 'gluten.'  Such mysteries we will delve into today.

Because I'm not rich enough to go out and buy every type of flour and test it, nor do I have the stamina for such an undertaking, I'll have to limit my personal comments to flours I've used.  Bu there are others who have been baking gluten free for years and between their descr…

Research - NCGS Review says gluten sensitivity may be an innate immune response

This one is hot off the press.  Three days ago, a review was published summarizing what we know so far about Non Celiac Gluten Sensitivity (NCGS).  The most important conclusion, I think, is that NCGS is immune-mediated. Although we don't know exactly what part of the immune system is involved (not IgE, that would be anaphylaxis, not tTG, that would be celiac, etc..), we do know a few things.  For instance it is theorized that it activates an innate immune response.

That's a bit of an odd thing to say.  All responses are innate in my body, aren't they?  What does this mean exactly?  Two definitions:

"Innate immunity Innate immunity refers to nonspecific defense mechanisms that come into play immediately or within hours of an antigen's appearance in the body. These mechanisms include physical barriers such as skin, chemicals in the blood, and immune system cells that attack foreign…

Being 'Glutened' - What Happens

What if I told you that from now until forever, every time you eat food with 'an ingredient'  in it, you'll feel sick for roughly a week, and not just sick, but unable to do normal work, not even basic housework or answering phones at the office?  What if this 'something' was only lightly regulated, so that food manufacturers wouldn't have to tell you, that food they sold you was contaminated with the ingredient.  But they could advertise (on an honor system) that their food doesn't contain 'it' and charge you a premium for its absence?  What if the ingredient was a staple of society's food system and could be hidden in almost any food under dozens of alternate names, making identification difficult? The 'ingredient' I'm talking about is gluten, and for about 1.5 billion people worldwide, this is a good description of their relationship with gluten.

That might seem like a large number.  It is. The world population right now is 7.6 bi…

See you at GFAF Wellness Event! (Charlotte, NC)

There will be an unavoidable interruption today since I'll be on a road trip to Charlotte, NC for the GFAF Wellness Event!  Pray for good weather!  And for my health to hold out! 

I hope I remember to bring my camera!

Gluten Free Pizza Dough Accidental

A week ago I made some gum-free gluten free rolls for St. Patrick's Day.  I reserved some of the stretchy dough and made this amazing pizza crust pictured above.    I've been using this cheese because I'm new to GF and I'm being extra careful to only eat things I can verify are gluten free, and cheese is a tough one to find.  It makes a decent replacement for shredded mozzarella.  Choose whatever toppings you like, though.

►  First make the dough, as for the rolls recipe above.  Unlike most pizza dough, this one is a quickbread.  If you decide to make half of a recipe, make sure you weight the flours and use exactly half. If you want to store it, that's ok, just store it for a few days in the fridge.  I've never tried freezing it at this stage (see below).

🎯  "OK I made the dough, how much dough do I use?"  - this was a large handful for me, and my hands are big. The result was about 10 inches, stretched out. If you use this quick method, you'l…

Vitamin D - Old News, Right?

Chances are, you've already heard that there's a rash of Vitamin D deficiency.  But did you know it's partly because a math error caused a large underestimate of how much we need every day?  Did you know that the debate for how much we need daily ranges from 1000 IU, to 10,000 IU?  Here are some annotated links that may help you find the right dose for you.

In my experience, D2 and D3 aren't the same.  I take both of them and that helps me stay above 50 in my Vitamin D tests.  When your skin makes vitamin D, it's a range of hormones that are made, not just one thing.  Hormone is the correct term to describe Vitamin D.  Butrealistically there are only three options for improving Vitamin D status:  food/supplements, tanning booths, and sunshine. 

You might not know that liver disease and belly fat are negative outcomes of Vitamin D deficiency. This is important because as my liver struggled more, it became obvious that I couldn't get much benefit from sunlight o…

Lunch and Chat - GFD vs Celiac Safe

My husband said something interesting about gluten free, so I thought I'd share it with you.  For months, he's been embroiled in the same gluten free difficulties as I have been.  Products and even meats still fool us, most recently a Picnic Ham that turned out to be glazed with gluten ingredients.  We've "avoided gluten" before, but never to the Celiac standard and the difference is huge.  Also the results are different and much better.

He often stops on the way home from work to pick something up, and usually doesn't need my hints to know what we need.  He said there's a difference between "gluten free" and "Celiac safe."  Normally, a person with a new Celiac diagnosis is told that they need a gluten free diet, and often they receive dietician advice on how to follow it, covered by insurance.  I haven't tried to get a dietician officially through insured healthcare, it might be possible, but so far we have been on our own.  We d…

Flora Gardening - Bringing Beans Back to Our Lives (Safely)

I love beans!  But they're FODMAPS and usually hurt me.  When mixed with the right umami flavors and spices, beans can be divine and satisfying. I've been missing them.  When suddenly introduced into a diet, beans can cause extreme pain and agony in some people with gut problems.  Even healthy people experience gas with beans, but those of us with a gut issue often find beans difficult or impossible to eat.  I'd given up on beans and it wasn't until I abandoned gluten that my body felt strong enough to give beans a try again.  I ate an entire 16-ounce can of beans yesterday (no pain) and I'll show you how I got there.
Before you start, make sure you haven't had a "glutened" reaction in at least a week, and don't start this unless you've been feeling well for at least a week.  If you can tolerate probiotics, start with eating a bit of probiotic yogurt, sauerkraut, or non-dairy kefir, and add the probiotics when mentioned below.  Otherwise, you…