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Frequently updated.  Resources and a network of local providers, meetups, conferences and food sources.  I will add to this post as often as I confirm new information.  It should be Featured (pinned to the top of the blog).  If it's not, please let me know. General Information on Celiac Disease and related links are found at the bottom of the article (very long page, and yes it needs some reorganization).

Need some advice now that you're diagnosed with Celiac Disease or Non-Celiac Gluten Sensitivity?  It can be hard to find my older articles that are of special help to those starting out, but I've collected them on This Page for your convenience.
MeetingsRaleigh Celiac Support Group (Rex Hospital) -- Third Thursday every other month - next, September (with Millefiori Bakery, discussing Sourdough bread and gluten free baking).  Next meeting in January (possibly the 16th)

GIG WakeMed Celiac & Food Allergy Support Group --   at WakeMed Cary Hospital, 1900 Kildaire Far…

Coronavirus Around the World

At times like this, when everyone is trying to persuade everyone else of just about everything... I try to look for the voices that we don't often hear.  What do they say?  How are they doing? What does this crisis look like in other countries?  We can look at a map, but do we hear the voices of the people who live there?  I started doing searches for news videos form different parts of the world, discussing the pandemic and how they are doing.  I think that when you're evaluating the advice being given, or the criticism being leveled, it would be good to get a few more voices involved.

I've seen people in the past few days sounding like this is the end of days, and others blithely uncaring about their own or other people's lives.  Then I heard one US State Governor say that he didn't know about the 14 day incubation period of Covid-19, and then do a 180, ordering people to stay at home.  How could he not have known, I wonder?  Was he living under a rock?

I think…

People with Active Celiac Are More Susceptible to Covid-19 and Pneumonia

If you have Celiac, don't get glutened now, because it will make it easier for Coronavirus to harm you. That's the message from a new video posted by Dr. Alessio Fasano, Director of the Massachusetts General Hospital Center for Celiac Research and Treatment.  (Press the arrow/play button to watch.)

If you don't know who he is, he's a bit of a superstar of the Celiac community.  He and fellow researchers, performed a study, over a decade ago, and worldwide, showing that the prevalence of Celiac is much higher than previously thought.  He found local variations in prevalence such as, that North Africa has a lot more of it than we do in the US. Many of his findings were fascinating, surprising, and ultimately led to the provision of safer food for people with Celiac Disease. Since then, he has continued to support the community and performed more studies.

Viruses and Bacteria
So let's talk a bit about viruses and bacteria.  A flu virus burns itself out in a few days, …

Covid-19 Restrictions: Ordering Food for Pick up or Delivery

Wow so in a few days so much has changed. I no longer feel like joking about the Zombie Apocalypse. That's not to say I have lost my sense of humor, it's just that, in a few days, I no longer think it's funny. And that's a big switch. It's important not to get too panicked, but it's also important to maintain your health as best you can right now. As such, many people are switching to ordering food delivery instead of going out to get it. And therefore I got in touch with two safe for Celiac restaurants that offer delivery of freshly cooked food to your door or to pick up locations near you. This prevents people from gathering in restaurants where they would be too close for social distancing to work.

But first, Happy St. Patrick's Day!  🍀
Two Services that have Take Out suitable for Celiacs With Celiac, all meals that you didn't make yourself are a risk.  Even those you did make could have some hidden gluten if a label changed and you didn'…

Shopping during the Zombie Apocalypse or Coronavirus

Had a strange shopping experience today and thought I'd mention a few tips.  My husband and I have been amused from time to time at the "storm shoppers."  We tend not to do that and for decades we've been fine.  But there's a significant risk of the supply chain being somewhat interrupted as workers get sick and drivers get sick, and Celiac is a bit special, so this time we decided to stock up on a few staples.  Obviously, we weren't the only ones to have this thought. Thankfully everyone was polite and there was no hostility.  The staff were geared up for it and seemed to treat it like a holiday.

Things that were often missing:  meats, vegetables and paper products. Things that were not like a usual shortage: not missing were water, juice, milk or bread. 

*** I have updated this article with a "How to get a test" section, at the end.***
1.  Staples like prepared soups, canned or boxed.  You'll be glad of this if you're feeling unwell,…

Gluten Free Labeling Updates 2020

When you shop for gluten free products you're always taking a risk.  Two familiar labels have now changed, so it's time for an update.  Gluten Intolerance Group and National Celiac Association have both changed their labels.  While NSF and Beyond Celiac have kept theirs.  I can only speculate about why, but it's likely to be due to copycat labels that seek to fool shoppers with similar looking labels.  The sooner we memorize the new ones the better.

Please join me in thanking the certification companies for making our lives easier and safer.  

As always, if a product, sold in the USA, is labeled anywhere with the words "gluten free" they must abide by the FDA's definition that it contains less than 20 ppm of gluten.  Certification is not required, but is greatly appreciated by the Celiac community.  Many certification agencies require stricter standards than the FDA.  For example, NCA requires that a food sold with its certification label has less than 5 ppm …

Something you Mite Love

Happy Valentine's Day! I hope you and your loved ones are having a wonderful time and the truffles are gluten free!  Now as always, don't let Celiac keep you from celebrating and enjoying life's events.  If you haven't treated yourself to a dessert lately, take a look at your local Lowe's Foods' candy aisle and find a treat.  They label organic and gluten free very clearly in that supermarket. Or you could visit a gluten free cafe and enjoy a treat among friends. Look in my Resources for likely spots, or visit this listing for options local to you.

Let's talk about a beloved food for a minute.  As an ex-vegan, I love the savory flavor of nutritional yeast and many foods that I consider "favorites" are spiked with yeast.  Yeast can be tricky not only because it may be grown on media that includes gluten, but also because it's so often fortified to include synthetic folic acid.  Many people think they have a yeast allergy when in fact, they'…

Gluten Free Whole Grain Rice Buckwheat Bread Recipe for Bread Machines

Ahhh the bread baking series returns!  New thrills and new spills await us!  I did a great deal of book reading over the holidays about bread baking and I'll share some insights from that.  As a result, I decided to try a very simple recipe for bread in the bread machine, just rice and buckwheat, no other grains.  However it does have what is called a "soaker" of chia seeds.  More about that later.  The results are like a hearty whole grain bread that toasts nicely.  It's sturdy, it can be made into grilled cheese without crumbling into dust.  It stales slowly, and it contains no eggs! It contains milk though.  All the ingredients except a couple are as whole foods as you can go.  There is no purified starch in this bread at all.

This is the Great Gluten Free Bread Machine Experiment - Part 8!  See the beginning of the series here. The purpose of the series is to identify some recipes which work in a bread machine for gluten free eaters who can't commit to baking…

Two Easy Gluten Free Skillet Dinners

Happy New Year!  Now how about some easy meals after the big holidays are over?  The best dinners are spontaneous and opportunistic, not to mention easy.

I found some amazing green onions at a local farm market and incorporated several of them into the first dinner, Organic Sausage and Vegetable Stir Fry. The first recipe's veggies are a combination of green peppers, celery, onions, garlic and fresh ginger.  It's topped with seared green onions. The second recipe is for Pork Tenderloin Medallions with Greens (first described in the farmer's market article).

As readers already know, I'm not a fan of processed foods, but I'm also not a very mobile person and there are days when I've been suffering with a migraine headache for days and I just have no energy to defrost something, marinate it and properly cook it.  And my food sensitivities preclude being able to just get takeout whenever I'm stressed.  So I keep a selection of quick meal helpers around, includ…

Paprika, Chili Powder, and Gluten Free Spices Resource

To simplify questions of "am I glutened or just not feeling well?", it's important to keep hidden gluten at bay. One aspect of this is, spices.  Spices can be tricky because traditionally, the common supermarket brand, McCormick has been gluten free for many single ingredient spices.  However, there are many reasons why someone might want more certainty, such as a spice with a Certified Gluten Free label.  Additionally I try to stay with Organic spices because, even if I weren't worried about pesticides or irradiation, I think they taste better.

Reasons Why Spices May Be Glutening You
They may have been cross contaminated at the manufacturing plant. Sure most companies use Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and reduce this risk to a smaller one.  However, GMP is only as good as the people working there daily. It only takes one mistake to ruin a Celiac's entire week. 
They may have fillers or flow agents that are made from wheat or other gluten grains.  Sometimes y…