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Frequently updated.  Resources and a network of local providers, meetups, conferences and food sources.  I will add to this post as often as I confirm new information.  It should be Featured (pinned to the top of the blog).  If it's not, please let me know. General Information on Celiac Disease and related links are found at the bottom of the article (very long page, and yes it needs some reorganization). Need some advice now that you're diagnosed with Celiac Disease or Non-Celiac Gluten Sensitivity?  It can be hard to find my older articles that are of special help to those starting out, but I've collected them on This Page for your convenience. *Due to SARS-Cov2 aka, Coronavirus, aka Covid-19, meetings for support groups are now taking place via Zoom or Skype. Additionally, you should call restaurants you intend to support and ask how to order.  Many have switched to take out only.   Avance Primary Care has Covid19 testing, both antibody and active testing. 

What Is a Superfood?

  Photo by Ella Olsson from Pexels I get so tired of frankly tiresome articles like this about superfoods. I only consider 3 of them to be superfoods (ginger, seaweed, wild mushrooms, and maybe turmeric). Isn't it suspicious that so many such "guides" have everyday and easy to find items?  But it’s not the ease with which you can find a food that makes it not-super, it’s the years of breeding. By the time you've bred a food so it's large, its skin is thin, or it doesn't crush on shipping, have you considered what happened to its nutrition?  A superfood isn’t bred for maximum market value. That may be the only central quality of a superfood. It’s usually rare, or has a very strong taste, or is a nutritious by product of some other food. To illustrate, here are a few examples to start out: Royal Jelly – There will never be enough supply of this for mass marketing, nor will we be able to control its quality really ever, it comes directly from

The Covid-19 Vaccine Rollout in NC

We are in phase 1a of the Covid-19 Vaccine rollout in North Carolina. Do you know who to contact?  Do you know where you are in line for eligibility?  Who has the right information?  Does my doctor know?  Why or why not?  Where will I get it?  When?  There are so many questions.  Here is some quick info you might be looking for.    Where to Get Tested While the vaccine is rolling out, be sure to get tested before any travel and upon your return. If you need Covid Testing, because you have symptoms or because you must travel, Wake County seems to offer the easiest way to do that   You don't need to be a resident of the county to go there. No ID needed.   You can also get tested in a more private setting from Avance Care , if you make an appointment.  Remember that you need not have symptoms to be able to spread the virus .   NC Covid-19 Vaccine Rollout Flyer and Sign   Post this in supermarkets if you work there, please.  This information is some

Dill Watercress Herbal Soup with Bok Choi and Meatballs

   I was inspired to make a special herbal soup my grandmother used to make.  Some of the touches are updates or my own additions.  But most of the idea and basis for the soup is entirely owed to my grandmother's ingenuity.  Eastern Europeans will recognize it as the beloved sour dill soup we had as children, usually made by grandma.  I updated it for richer times and my gluten free needs.  My grandmother's soup may have been simpler than this, but it was equally delicious.  At the close of 2020, we could use a healthy soup to keep up our strength.  I started with the Meatballs that we make routinely at home.  Doug is a master at making these and they're a staple at our house.  It takes a very short time to make them and they provide us with a very long lasting reward.  We go out of our way to find organic and local meat choices whenever possible, and we encourage you to do so as well.  It really makes a difference in flavor and, we think, nutrition.  The Bok Choi is a deli

Rice and Buckwheat Bread Recipe Gluten Free Bread Machine Easy PDF Printout

It's been a while since my experiments with a bread machine and I thought it was time to provide you with a completed one-page recipe you can download and print.   While many bread recipes for people with Celiac, or just those who live gluten free, can be tasteless and boring, this one is bursting with flavor.  When you use real food, and whole grains, plus vitamin packed seeds and high quality ingredients, you get delicious results!   As I said at the beginning of this journey, I decided to tame the bread machine first, because not everyone wants to knead, or bake in an oven.  Whether it's mobility limits, old age, or simple lack of time, a bread machine makes quick work of this chore.  However, I found that many details of bread baking in a bread machine were left out or glossed over in books and articles on the subject.  And that there are differences between machines.  This adds a complexity which each person has to contend with alone.   While I tried to cover each complexi

Covid-19, Ventilation and CPAP Machines

Photo by Rahul Pandit from Pexels Let me just scoop the WHO right now, and tell you that they will probably tell us to ventilate fresh air into workplaces and homes fairly soon.  New robust science on Covid-19 suggests that aerosol droplets which hang in the air for much longer than expected, and do not fall to the ground, as we've been told are one reason why we're having trouble controlling this infection.  I'm not sure what the downside would be to telling people to ventilate clean fresh air into indoor spaces regularly in order to prevent aerosolized viral transmission risk.  I mean it's just good health practice to have fresh air anyway. I know it's summer and it's HOT out there, but open your windows.   Here's how: In the morning, as early as possible, before the bugs are buzzing, and before it's too hot, open up, and let the air flow through for at least 30-60 min.  Then you can close up and turn the AC back on.  Do this at

All Together Now #BLM #ReadingList

If you're Caucasian and you haven't seen this video , I strongly recommend pulling up your big girl panties and watching it.  It will hurt.   Yet, you still have to see it.  I think that's the central issue of why white people still tiptoe around black people.  And why black people still barely tolerate us.  And that's exactly the way it should be until society finally rights this wrong.  If you don't know what Rosewood and Tulsa/Greenwood are, please go and look them up.  I went to a great high school and history class totally skipped over that part. I'm betting yours did too. Need me to back up? Reading this years later?  George Floyd was murdered by police officers in May 2020 (upsetting video) and it took a few days to work out exactly how it happened that he ended up on the ground being kneeled on and unable to breathe.   Protests against police brutality and racism in general erupted immediately around the world. And if you're a woman, then there&

Avance has Covid19 Testing (yes really)

Quick note to let you know, I was able to make an appointment for Covid19 testing at Avance Health Care in Durham.  My doctor's office did not offer this testing service. And Walgreens has a daunting online screening form.  So your best bet if you want a test right now is to try Avance.  They said they charge the copay from your insurance because people were getting billed by the testing company if they don't.  So the rumors of "free testing" are not realized as far as I know.  However, the testing does exist in Durham. I hope we are all are able to get a test, and it shows we had it, and we never really got terribly sick from it.  That's the best case scenario, I think.  💖 Avance Care   website for Durham location. NC ranks 43rd in the nation for testing , so please tell your friends about this testing site. Update:  this afternoon (on the 22nd of May) I got an email from Governor Cooper with a link to a list of Covid 19 testing sites in the state. Th

I am one of the #MillionsMissing and I Thank #Nurses Today

The roots of my illness were visible very early on, but two events in particular led to my downfall from being able to work.  First, I had a lot of dental work at age 18.  Some of it was caps which didn't fit in my small jaw and caused TMJ, which later triggered one of the types of headaches I have.  I have a genetic disposition to migraines anyway and in two years, I had classic migraines.  Second, I had food poisoning at the same time as the first SARS epidemic (2004).  I suspect I had SARS that same year as well.  Within two years I had been hospitalized with multiple Pulmonary Embolisms and three lung infarcts. My lungs have never fully recovered.  According to even the most conservative reading of the Myalgic Encephalomyelitis / Chronic Fatigue Syndrome / Post Viral Fatigue medical coding, I have post viral fatigue.  To the best of my doctor's knowledge I had reactivation of "Mono" which is Epstein Barr Virus around 2010, and by 2012, I was having trouble work