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Frequently updated.  Resources and a network of local providers, meetups, conferences and food sources.  I will add to this post as often as I confirm new information.  It should be Featured (pinned to the top of the blog).  If it's not, please let me know. General Information on Celiac Disease and related links are found at the bottom of the article (very long page).

Safe Restaurants - If it's in this list, I've eaten there personally.  NOTE:  Although it's not something I've seen locally, it is possible to certify Gluten Free food service.
Primal  (fine dining, call ahead or reservations)  Akashi (sushi bar)Bull City Ciderworks  (bar, cider is GF, the food truck nearby is not GF though) Fresh Levant (welcoming atmosphere, in good weather, can sit outdoors, reservations recommended for dinner)

Photo by:Matthew Henry
Haven't tried these, but probably good restaurants:
Burger 21 - I need to find more information to verify their GF protocols, but I ate a the one…

The Most Notable Nutrition Scientist in the USA

If you haven't heard of him before, then it's my pleasure to introduce you to Dr. Bruce Ames (please take a moment to view his achievements over a lifetime in science) who is and has been a nutrition warrior for 50 years.  He has a distinguished record of publication and still occasionally speaks about health today in his 90s!  Dr. Ames came to my attention when the San Diego Stein Institute for Research on Aging featured his videos on mitochondria and other metabolism subjects.  He speaks with humor and insight and everyone interested in good health should hear him out at least once.

His videos and those of others fell victim to the budget crisis in California and were later moved to Vimeo or Youtube, so now you have to know about him and search for him on the general internet, it's not quite as easy as pointing people to the UC-SD website, which is what I did for a few years after discovering his videos. On the other hand, the momentary loss of his videos was a blessing…

BCBS Insurance Rules for Infused Drugs in NC Have Changed - what this means

Now for some local news:  Blue Cross Blue Shield has changed some rules that affect many chronically ill patients.  If you have an illness that requires the infusion (at a hospital) of certain drugs, you may be affected by this change.  It also has some interesting implications for those of us who are hoping for more IV services from our doctor's office. The rule also includes other non-outpatient settings such as a larger role for urgent care and in home care.

I think this is significant because it affects teachers and state workers (we love them, don't we?) and BCBS can often prompt similar actions from other insurers because it's such a large insurer (the "follow the leader" effect). 

I've mentioned before that you can get IV vitamins  in some places in North Carolina.  However some chronically ill patients, including those with Multiple Sclerosis and anyone who takes a list of medications outlined in this document (PDF) need an IV of certain drugs to co…

Looking Good, Feeling Confident

I didn't add "in every size" because it's irrelevant.  Everyone deserves to feel good right now, the way they are.  We can all spend some "spoons" on grooming each day.  It will only go toward making the day nicer for us and those around us.  Fashion and beauty is not irrelevant as soon as someone gains some weight.  It's actually even more important to maintain the narrative that you're attractive and fun to be around, when you're ill.  People react strangely to the ill.  They don't know what to say.  They wonder if you're the same person they joked with last year.  They miss you while they're sitting 3 feet away.  Paying attention to your looks is a good way to signal that you're still the same person, and can be there for your loved ones.

There are several resources online for looking good while obese.  There are even websites that strongly refute the idea that people must lose weight and attempt to lose weight until they succe…

How To Shop for Someone Who is Gluten Free

There are so many instances where someone is in need of shopping help.  An accident, an illness or old age can make someone reach out and ask for help, sometimes temporarily.  It's important that we all know how to do that if we have a loved one with gluten sensitivity or Celiac disease.

A dietary restriction like gluten free or allergen free can be very taxing on a family.  It's expensive and very inconvenient.  Sometimes families leave the person in question to fend for themselves, buy their own food, prepare however they want, and keep their own utensils separate.  That's fine while you're young and not injured.  It's better if the whole family knows how to do this, so that people can support each other in times of crisis.  Just think of it as an interesting talent.  
In this presentation, I talk about how to shop at the grocery store for gluten free items.  It's not as simple as just looking for the words gluten free or a certification label.  There are pitf…

Healing Cream of Mushroom Soup with Ajwain Seeds

When I was a child I couldn't stand mushrooms, but as I got older, I started to crave them.  The earthy smell of them which once repulsed me became interesting and it made me curious. Now they're a favorite. Mushrooms have some unique features and if you understand how they work, you can enjoy them.  If you aren't aware of their pitfalls, you can end up with your food turning black or the mushrooms becoming rubbery at the wrong moment.  Let's explore a simple use of basic mushrooms, the homemade version of canned cream of mushroom soup - with a kick!

WARNING:  Many mushrooms are grown on gluten containing media!  I am usually fine with mushrooms but today (May 15th, 2018) I was glutened by sliced mushrooms.   I thought I was going crazy or imagining it, but I wasn't.  Here is more on how that happens.

General Principles when Cooking with Mushrooms
1.  If you boil them, they will be chewy, even rubbery, so keep boiling to a minimum unless you want a chewy texture. 

A Collection of Homesteading and Gardening Ideas

Today you'll find out the depth of my idealistic crunchy granola nature. 🌈  One of my biggest regrets about my fatigue syndrome is that I have a very hard time actually using the wonderful fresh air and soil that surrounds my house and turning it into a working garden.  Each year I promise myself this is the year I'm going to do it.  And this year's excuse is that I just spent $900 redoing my kitchen to be gluten free.  And to grow seedlings, I'd want to build a covered outdoor bed.  Not to mention, hire a roto-tiller.  This year I'm not sure I can afford it.  However, I can share my thoughts on homesteading and organic gardening.

Maybe it will inspire me, and maybe someone else will be inspired too.
Ideas on Gardening:  Do you know about permaculture?  It's not just a philosophy of farming, it's a philosophy of life.  It trains a person to think of ways to better integrate with their natural world, and challenges one to come up with ways to work with n…

Tips and An Introductory Guide to Produce Shopping

When an illness strikes that limits food options, cooking at home becomes essential.  Until now most of you were able to grab something in any convenience store and eat on the run. Now that you're gluten free and cooking more frequently, you might want a quick guide to healthy choices in the supermarket.  As we're heading into the next lush summer full of locally grown produce and the best of imports, let's review the choices at the store and identify where the best choices are. Some tips for how to navigate the markets, especially if you're shopping for fresh foods for the first time, or adding healthier fruits and vegetables to your cart these days.

Categories of Produce:
Produce (no special designation) - for most of the produce available (fruits and vegetables) plain is fine and it doesn't automatically mean it's full of pesticides or devoid of vitamins.  On the contrary this is still the best choice for many items because they are perishable, and they sell …

Research - Mystery Liver Enzyme Elevations Plus Top 10 Tips for Eating more Liver without Tears

Raise your hand if your doctor has said something like "your liver enzymes are slightly above normal, but it's nothing to worry about" (yet).  People hear that all the time.  Most people don't suspect Celiac could be the cause of it, but it can.  One of the many effects that Celiac can have on the body's organs is "Celiac hepatitis."  After the featured article are my tips for preparing liver without fuss in your diet.

The article:

Minerva Med. Author manuscript; available in PMC 2014 Mar 4.
Published in final edited form as:
Minerva Med. 2008 Dec; 99(6): 595–604.
PMCID: PMC3941070
PMID: 19034257
Alberto Rubio-Tapia, MD and Joseph A. Murray, MD
Division of Gastroenterology and Hepatology, Department of Medicine Mayo Clinic College of Medicine Rochester, MN 55905

Abstract (full article available for free online):
Celiac disease is a chronic immune-mediated multisystem disorder tha…

A Baker's Dozen of Gluten Free Flour Tips

Gluten gets all the glory in baking, but many other components of dough are equally, if not more important in baking.  For this post, I want to remind you that all the words we use to describe pieces of flours, such as gluten, starch, and more technically, mucilage and oligosaccharides... these are all collections of different components in flour, not monolithic single chemicals that we can write down as a formula or draw a picture of.  We could probably make a model of a gliadin molecule found in one variety of wheat and even write out its formula, but it would be different than a secalin molecule found in a variety of rye... yet both are 'gluten.'  Such mysteries we will delve into today.

Because I'm not rich enough to go out and buy every type of flour and test it, nor do I have the stamina for such an undertaking, I'll have to limit my personal comments to flours I've used.  Bu there are others who have been baking gluten free for years and between their descr…