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COBREVAX Covid-19 Vaccine - No Patent!

 This is a momentous occasion I just want to bring to your attention that the world has a patent free Covid-19 Vaccine now. It's so far only approved for use in India. But the important thing is, we have one. This is a major improvement in vaccine distribution fairness.  Please treat the Omicron variant as seriously as all of them.  And consider that there is some evidence that rodents may be what's causing this outbreak to seem like it's magically getting to you even though you are staying home all the time.      I urge you to please, please stay home for New Year's Eve.  There will be more parties.  We will meet again.

Gluten Free Animal Crackers

  Summing this post up in one image, these are the prices on Amazon today for three different GF animal crackers brands.  Amazon can be a barometer for prices, and it can be far more expensive than buying locally.  But this comparison offers insight into what people go through when trying to find required safe food. Also, this is a food targeted at children.  Adults love them too, but notice how much bustle there is for the kid's market here. The good news is that GF animal crackers are widely available and safe to eat if you have Celiac Disease.  They may or may not be a good bargain depending on where you buy them or what  specific needs you have. Many make additional claims such as no corn, or non-GMO.  The only thing I couldn't find is Organic or Fair Trade ones. (Ahem, business opportunity!) You can also make these at home for even more safety and total control over ingredients:

New 2021 Regulations for Gluten Free Foods

  Regulation is being considered in the US Congress to strengthen labeling of gluten and other allergens in food.  While some will try to paint this move as excessive regulation, those of us who have no choice but to try and avoid certain ingredients should write to our lawmakers and support this legislation.    Bill is here. December 6th, 2021 article:  Archived: Excerpts to help you decide what to write:   Labeling confusion :   "Currently, when a packaged food is not explicitly labeled as gluten-free, a consumer can review a label for the presence of wheat, since wheat must be listed as an allergen. But the gluten-containing grains barley and rye are not currently required to be listed as allergens. A gluten-free consumer, therefore, cannot always tell whether these grains are presen