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AIRE by FoodMarble, hydrogen breath testing at home

  Courtesy of FoodMarble Suffer from dairy or FODMAP intolerance?  there's a device you may consider.  (Note, not an affiliate.) Ever wonder if you've had milk and was it "too much"?  People with lactose intolerance walk a thin line knowing they have limited ability to break down lactose.  For me the problems with milk seem deeper and more related to the fungi that come along for the ride in cheese, the various proteins in milk, etc, plus the limited lactase my body makes.  So I basically don't eat cheese, because the only cheese that doesn't cause gut problems for me is Velveeta, and I really don't consider that healthy.  The only dairy I ever touch anymore is nonfat yogurt.  But your needs and reasons may be different.    It's not just for dairy, apparently the app can track and help you identify problem high FODMAP foods.  In my experience if I've been exposed to gluten, my tolerance for FODMAPs goes way down.  At the moment I've trained my