The S-Protein in the Covid-19 Vaccine, or How to Lie with Facts


 Some of the fear around the Covid 19 vaccine centers on the S-Protein which is "toxic" according to pundits.  Or it has other bad cardiovascular effects according to pundits.   So I linked this fact check to show how overheated and ineffective it can be.  I'm not one bit swayed by it.  I am swayed by the fact in the actual science, that NAC abolishes the damage caused by the S protein, so who cares if the S protein is damaging?  All viruses are damaging, and all ways of entering a cell violently are damaging.  That should be no surprise.  

The human body is violently attacked, is damaged and heals itself millions of times every day. Big fat hairy deal, to borrow a phrase from Garfield the Cat. That's no reason to avoid a vaccine.  The vaccine is far less damaging than the real thing.

The funny thing is, in this case, the anti-vaxx community is lying with facts.  Yes, the S-protein is harmful and does damage to the lungs and the blood vessels.  Here's the science of it.  Fascinatingly, it involves a lot of the same metabolic and cardiology and lung markers that are being studied for ME/CFS, such as AMPK. That's why there's such a thing as long Covid.  That's why you don't want to ever get the real disease.  If we could stop panicking every time someone says something bad about a vaccine, we could learn from what the virus and the vaccine is telling us, and follow up with more science to make it clearer.

However the cure (for the S protein damage) is pretty simple, NAC.  N Acetyl L Cysteine.  You probably already have some in your supplements cupboard.  It happens to be the stuff that's also given in case of an acetaminophen overdose (Tylenol, paracetamol). But if you suspect poisoning, please call a poison control center, go to a doctor or ER, don't rely entirely on your supplements chest.

These changes of pACE2, ACE2, MDM2 expression, and AMPK activity in endothelium were recapitulated by in vitro experiments using pulmonary arterial ECs infected with Pseu-Spike which was rescued by treatment with N-acetyl-L-cysteine, a reactive oxygen species inhibitor

 Yes, ACE looks familiar.  It's one of the drug targets for a blood pressure med.  Early in the pandemic everyone was talking about, do I get off the ACE Inhibitor?  Do I stay on it?  This virus is so deadly because it uses a path into cells that's essential to life.  it's like trying to make a vaccine against something that enters an egg by breaking the shell, and the vaccine is made of the diamond tip of the shell breaker.  But if you take NAC, it slows and neutralizes the damage.  Just wait until your body has a chance to notice a few broken eggs,  and mounts an immune response first, ok?

Consider getting the vaccine and then 48-72 hours later, taking some NAC to abolish any lingering effects, if any.  

My Covid arm and weird cysts and bursitis like effects in my arm have gone away. Is it the NAC I restarted taking daily?  Who can tell?  We're all living this uncertainty nightmare together.  But my goal was to feel better, not to fix the whole scientific system.  I'm just glad it seemed to work... for me.

My other goal is to have everyone survive with me through this nightmare.  I truly mean it when I say I care about you all and wish you well.  If this bit of knowledge helps you work out one more bit of the puzzle, then I've done my work for today.  

And here's another piece of the puzzle.  So now we're down to the "oh why should I get vaccinated since people are getting covid anyway?" stage.  Well the reason is, that from what I can tell, the number is small, and the number hospitalized is even smaller.  "Delta" grew out of mutations that ran rampant in an unvaccinated large population of people.  It's not reasonable to react to it by avoiding vaccination. The number of people who should go unvaccinated is really quite small, less than 10% of the population can't be vaccinated for a health reason (it may be less than 5%, depending on who you ask).  So to have the numbers hovering around 50% is frustrating.  And the journalism around it should be more careful about how they phrase it.  

If a journalist gets a press release saying "we had x number of covid patients who were fully vaccinated this week" then they should not publish it in raw form like that.  The news is not just a data teletype.  Once the news becomes a straight regurgitation of data and press releases, we can dispense with humans being involved in it and journalism will be completely a thing of the past.  So act like journalists, do some math and publish the percentage that gives meaning to the numbers.  

Warning, expletives in this rant, but well said:


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