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(18 Months Ago) Rip Esselstyn and John Stewart had a Talk about PlantStrong / Engine 2

  Photo by Angelica Nelson  If you don't know the names in the title, let me introduce, Rip Esselstyn, the son of a cardiologist who began to educate his patients on eating a radically low fat diet, based on whole grains, beans and fresh fruits and vegetables, back when it wasn't as well known as it is today.  He published the book Engine 2 and now runs a website PlantStrong.  John Stewart needs no introduction in the US.  He's known as the first host of the "Daily Show" a Comedy Central experiment with a news satire show that is still wildly successful, and now hosted by the brilliant Trevor Noah.  After John Stewart went traveling, soon after he seemed to loose a lot of weight and I thought, OMG he's not sick is he?  But no, he just became vegan and lost a lot of weight.   Without judging people's choices I will say that I worry more when men become vegan than when women do.  I think they're affected differently.  But he's healthy and happy and I