Product Review: Krusteaz GF Cinnamon Swirl Crumb Cake


Did you ever just want some junk food and Celiac makes that complicated?  I was missing things like Entenman's Raspberry Danish.  It's one thing to stay away from junk food.  It's another thing entirely to never have junk food again because you can't have the gluten.  So when I noticed that Krusteaz now has a line of GF flour, cake and a GF version of their beloved Crumb Cake, I bought a few to test it out.  

Result?  It's honestly, truly, really, better than the gluten version was.  

The instructions on the box are great, but here's a few tweaks:

  • don't add an oil with flavor, this is not a good time to add evoo, because it will flavor the cake very srongly, use flavorless refined vegetable oil, melted butter, or liquid coconut oil
  • add a teaspoon of cinnamon to the cake mix
  • sprinkle some cinnamon on the cake mix layer before applying the crumb mixture, it won't sink that way
  • you can optionally, use stewed apples instead of water, the cake will be softer inside but not too mushy, and the sugar will carmelize because it's partly dissolved, for heavenly crispy edges

This mix isn't low sugar, low fat, or Organic.  It's virtue is being a delicious treat that goes perfectly with coffee. 

The old Crumb cake, I always felt like it was a bit dry and I wanted butter on it. This doesn't feel that way.  

Even days later, if it survives that long, it's still excellent. The fact that it lasts is great for busy families because you don't have to keep making it fresh.  You can carefully dole out one slice a day to a child, as a treat, and have it last all week. 

The instructions call for four eggs which qualifies it to be a midday snack due to the higher protein.  I didn't notice any tendency to overeat it.  But most of my cravings have gone away since my gut healed.  Good treats are still important though and I'm glad I don't have to give this one up forever just because I have CD. 


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