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I was occasionally buying meat, especially "forest finished pork" from Nature's Roots Farm (archived) (historical archived) and suddenly received their email saying they'd closed.  They provided A2 milk, better than Organic meat and farm products and were all around a fun farming family in NC. I'm really sorry to hear that they're leaving.  

If you're also a customer and looking for continuity, the new source is Farm to Fork Meat Riot.  What an amusing name. :)  And for A2 milk it will probably be Grass Grazed.

I got in touch by email eventually and this is the reply to some questions about their decision:   

Would you be willing to be quoted regarding a few questions? 

1.  Your idea for forest-fed better than Organic pork was innovative and unique, is anyone taking over it? 

People always ask us if we are certified organic and we tell them if we went by certified organic standards we would have to lower our standards.  So we would refer to ourselves as beyond organic.  We chose to raise forest fed pork over pastured pork as the pigs can forage more in the woods and we wanted to protect our pasture.  The pigs were then supplemented with Non-GMO, Soy-Free, Certified Organic Feed. 
2.  Did the pandemic lead to a falling off of demand for local farm products?  Or so much complexity that it was not economical anymore? (that was certainly my first thought when I saw your message)
Actually no, the pandemic caused a huge increase in sales and we struggled to keep up with the demand.  We sold out of pork 6 months earlier than we thought we would, we had to find a new beef partner and add butchering appointments. Sales were great and have stayed steady.  However, the pandemic caused us to take a step back and look at the political situation in NC and what was best for our family for the future.  We would still strongly encourage people to consider starting a small farm or at least a hoomestead to be self-sustaining especially with how things currently are and the instability of our country and our food system. 
3.  Are there non-farm reasons for your decision?  Such as, I saw your concern about starting a new school, so possibly worries about quality education for your children?
Our primary concern is with the political situation in NC and how things are still closed, masks are still required and that they are considering passing a vaccine passport.  We want to live in a state that is open and more free as we believe this is better for our family.  Also, the closest quality school we found was 1 hour each way and that isn't sustainable.  Farming full time and focusing on building the business didn't allow us sufficient time to focus on the family and homeschool.  So we will now take a step back and have a small homestead and focus more on our children. '
4.  If there's something you'd like to tell fledgling farmers in NC, what is it?  A warning, a tip, some encouragement? 
There are many opportunities to grow / produce nutrient dense foods.  Don't compromise - stay true to your beliefs - money isn't the most important outcome.  It's more important to grow food that can truly heal people as that's what this country needs more than ever.   
5.  What are you most looking forward to in Florida? 
We lived in FL (in the same area where we are moving) 5 years ago so we are looking forward to reconnecting with old friends/family down there. Also, we are looking forward to more freedom and to be able to spend time with family and swim in the Suwannee River. :)

    I wish you and your family all the best and hope this is a great move for you. You'll be missed though. Thank you for the years of patient farming and nutritious food.
Thank you so much!!!



I'm glad they're doing the best for their children, I can see how it might be impossible to run a busy farm and home school too.  NC is of course well known for being a very purple state with constant swings back and forth between liberal and conservative ideals.  It's a roller-coaster sometimes.  And I agree, nutritious food is a very important value.

So let me take this opportunity to say thank you and best wishes to the Bowen family.  You will be missed. 


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