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Celiac and Gluten Sensitivity Related Neuropathy and Effects on the Brain

There is a long lecture here from 7 years ago that presents the state of knowledge at that time about neuropathy and the human brain, in the context of Celiac disease and NCGS.  It's well worth a watch.  Get settled in, it's very detailed and that means long. I love those graphics showing what part of the brain is affected. And I like how he says some of it is reversible.

Internet and a home computer are now a utility and should be treated as such by government

  Credit UPDATE:  See the end of the article for an update.  I saw the following when I was trying to sign up for one of the hundreds of Covid-19 vaccine sites all over the state: "If you do not have a WakeMed MyChart account, visit to sign up. Individuals who do not have access to a cell phone or computer can ask a trusted friend or family member to create an account and monitor it for them."  Permanent Reference Link OK so we've gone way past the days when we can claim that the internet or a home computer are optional.  It's time to treat this as the infrastructure that it is.  Every home must now have a computer, period. It seems like the real eligibility requirement for a Covid-19 vaccine is having the patience and willingness to sign up for each local pharmacy, the county waiting list, and each local hospital waiting list, plus all the medical schools waiting lists.  Then once you've done all that, you might get one if you are in the r