Gluten Free Labeling Updates 2020

Currently active Certified Gluten Free labels as of March 2020

When you shop for gluten free products you're always taking a risk.  Two familiar labels have now changed, so it's time for an update.  Gluten Intolerance Group and National Celiac Association have both changed their labels.  While NSF and Beyond Celiac have kept theirs.  I can only speculate about why, but it's likely to be due to copycat labels that seek to fool shoppers with similar looking labels.  The sooner we memorize the new ones the better.

Please join me in thanking the certification companies for making our lives easier and safer.  

New and Old  NCA certified GF label

New and Old GFCO / GIG certified GF label


As always, if a product, sold in the USA, is labeled anywhere with the words "gluten free" they must abide by the FDA's definition that it contains less than 20 ppm of gluten.  Certification is not required, but is greatly appreciated by the Celiac community.  Many certification agencies require stricter standards than the FDA.  For example, NCA requires that a food sold with its certification label has less than 5 ppm of gluten detected.




Beyond Celiac

NSF confirmed that the labeling symbol above is the correct one (via personal email inquiry).


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