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Something you Mite Love

Photo by cottonbro from Pexels Happy Valentine's Day!     I hope you and your loved ones are having a wonderful time and the truffles are gluten free!  Now as always, don't let Celiac keep you from celebrating and enjoying life's events.  If you haven't treated yourself to a dessert lately, take a look at your local Lowe's Foods' candy aisle and find a treat.  They label organic and gluten free very clearly in that supermarket. Or you could visit a gluten free cafe and enjoy a treat among friends. Look in my Resources for likely spots, or visit this listing for options local to you. Let's talk about a beloved food for a minute.  As an ex-vegan, I love the savory flavor of nutritional yeast and many foods that I consider "favorites" are spiked with yeast.  Yeast can be tricky not only because it may be grown on media that includes gluten, but also because it's so often fortified to include synthetic folic acid.  Many people thin

Gluten Free Whole Grain Rice Buckwheat Bread Recipe for Bread Machines

I'm so thankful for these results.  It didn't even sag in the middle. Ahhh the bread baking series returns!  New thrills and new spills await us!  I did a great deal of book reading over the holidays about bread baking and I'll share some insights from that.  As a result, I decided to try a very simple recipe for bread in the bread machine, just rice and buckwheat, no other grains.  However it does have what is called a "soaker" of chia seeds.  More about that later.  The results are like a hearty whole grain bread that toasts nicely.  It's sturdy, it can be made into grilled cheese without crumbling into dust.  It stales slowly, and it contains no eggs! It contains milk though.  All the ingredients except a couple are as whole foods as you can go.  There is no purified starch in this bread at all. This is the Great Gluten Free Bread Machine Experiment - Part 8!  See the beginning of the series here . The purpose of the series is to identify some re