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Market Day! and Oven Lovie's Lasagna!

Nothing says summer like tomatoes on the kitchen windowsill. Not sure if the organic, local and gluten free life is for you?  I understand.  It's not easy, just to get nutritious food prepared every day, and adding more requirements adds time to that effort.  Who has the time?  It takes uncommon will.  It might be thought that my being unemployed would be an advantage.  Except I'm sick so often, it takes a big chunk out of my life still. One of the most important changes I've made has been to focus as much as possible on locally grown and organic foods.  I've tried various methods, delivery services, the expensive supermarket method, and directly contacting farmers.  But the most friendly and comfortable way is still the good old local farmer's market. Local rumor has it that the Durham Farmer's Market only accepts vendors who produce their own produce or crafts.  No resellers.  I haven't read the rules for vendors, but this seems to be true.  I love