Wrapping Up Celiac Awareness Month

On this beautiful end of May day, we wrap up Celiac Awareness Month (from last year) with gratitude and renewed courage.  Every year brings us closer to clarity on where gluten hides in our everyday foods.  Every year bring us closer to an answer for why Celiac disease itself is accelerating in our community.  Each voice raised in compassion toward those who have limited food choices brings us closer to dietary freedom and respect.

I note with pride that our community cares for one another and protects our right to safe food even when it inconveniences our community businesses.  Let this year be the year we educate our local restaurants, the year we  protect all children from ridicule because they're "different."  Our freedoms are interlinked.  I will not be free to respectfully decline a cross-contaminated meal until every dieter of every sort is free to choose their food according to their preference or need.

And let this be the year when medical professionals finally make the connections between Celiac Disease and its multifaceted downstream effects.  A similar article could be found for the kidney, the spleen, the liver and the brain.  Let this be the year that you find your specific health connections and bring the evidence to your doctor to discuss it. Let this be the year you find your best solutions.

May you have a wonderful summer and don't forget, the Living Free Expo is coming to Raleigh in early August!  Let's make a great showing!


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