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My Keto Day

For several reasons I'm working on going back to the Ketogenic Diet now that I've spent a year recovering from Celiac Disease.  My neurological issues have suffered while I was eating a more varied diet that included dense carbohydrate foods.  But I felt it was important to allow my body to absorb as varied a diet as possible while recovering. Now, I've made some progress and I'm moving back toward a more neurologically supportive diet. Last October, I had written a series of articles describing the ketogenic diet and its many myths and complexities.  Now, partly to keep myself accountable, I'll post today's food plan as I'm transitioning back onto my keto diet after being away for more than a year. For me, this is fairly complex since I try to stay organic and avoid pre-made foods.  If you're curious about the diet, you will quickly see that accepting pre-made dressings and using non organic foods can make this diet cheaper and less of a hassle. I tr

Research News: T Cells are Permanently Changed by Celiac Disease

An interesting study was published very recently showing that T-cells, a part of the immune system, are permanently changed after Celiac Disease becomes active.  The same or a similar process is also seen in bowel disease such as Ulcerative Colitis.  Celiac disease is an illness primarily of the small intestine, but is also associated with the development of bowel disease and certain types of colon cancer, as well as other chronic inflammatory, autoimmune diseases.  For the first time, we have a hint to explain why Celiac Disease can be the starting point for other illness later in life. The article is a collaboration between prestigious universities from several countries including the following. International Collaboration from: Committee on Immunology, University of Chicago, Chicago, IL, USA; Department of Medicine, University of Chicago, Chicago, IL, USA. Division of Infection and Immunity, Cardiff University School of Med