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European Tisane Herbal Tea

Have you heard of tisane ("tee-zan")?  If you're a fan of Hercule Poirot , the Belgian detective who inhabits many of Agatha Christie's mysteries, then you might've been intrigued by the repeated references to tisane.  What is it? It's a sort of herbal mixture used to improve health. Herbal tea can seem very old fashioned but it has some cozy benefits.  Not only is life generally getting more hectic and stressful, but Celiac disease can cause anxiety.  Relaxing with a soothing cup of herbal tea is one way to overcome stress. Herbal tea is naturally gluten free, and shouldn't contain any "natural flavor" that could be made from barley or other gluten grains.  However, the popular brand "Celestial Seasonings" does sometimes contain gluten as a "natural flavor" so always read labels. Tisane is a bit more special than just tea or even just herbal tea.  I have my own rules for how to define the elusive "Tisane" b