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Iron Deficiency Anemia and Celiac Disease Around the World

Everyone's abuzz with Celiac Vaccine news, which is only fitting.  But an interesting development in Celiac Disease science is taking place in the science journals.  Apparently several countries have studied the connection between Iron Deficiency Anemia and Celiac disease and two recent studies show how fundamentally different results can be in different populations. When I studied biology and chemistry, we had a talk in every science class about the scientific method.  Then the same talk in statistics class.  The sample size must be large enough to cover all of humanity if you're going to say "all humans are like X" from your results.  Therefore, because science is siloed into individual countries, their sample is necessarily limited to local people. The Japanese don't often do studies on people from all 190-something countries in the world.  Neither do the Americans or anyone else. Watch how the prevalence of Iron Deficiency with Celiac Disease changes f

Blood Clotting Problems in Celiac Disease

For some reason, blood clots are more likely if you have Celiac Disease. We don't usually connect these two conditions.  Blood clots are the domain of cardiologists and neurologists who specialize in strokes.  But we know that Celiac Disease comes with associated illnesses such as heart disease, autoimmune disease, thyroid, and diabetic problems.  Now we know that it also comes with an increased risk of blood clots. Exactly how those things connect with each other is a giant topic and crosses many medical boundaries.  Things like that can be shown to be associated, but they are hardly ever treated together because it would require collaboration between gastroenterologists and cardiologists, endocrinologists or rheumatologists.   The wave of the future will be these collaborations, but we patients must push our doctors and insurers to organize it. So it's explanation time! Let me pull apart the tricky words in the article below for you, and you'll see how blood clots c

Roasted Organic Chicken Thighs with Butternut Mash

It's recipe time once more!  We'll explore why butternut mash beats the pants off potatoes any day, and how to make finger licking sweet garlic cloves while roasting chicken thighs to perfection.  You'll need a skillet that can go into the oven, so its handle must be made of silicone or metal.  Several such skillets can be found in any store, even the grocery store.  Or you can use a cast iron skillet for this, but use a large one because you'll need some room.  So that's why I use a regular, not cast iron skillet.  I'm just not up to the weight of a large one every day.  Whether it's a special dinner or an everyday meal, add a salad to this, and you have a feast! That crispy skin is scrumptious!  You may have noticed that garlic can be roasted until it's soft and sweet, not pungent at all.  Or you might not have noticed yet.  This recipe features sweet-roasted garlic, and if you haven't had that before, you're in for a surprise.  When garl