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News: Clinical Trial in Phase 2 is Testing a Vaccine for Celiac Disease

There is a significant news release today about a Phase 2 trial for a vaccine that might remove the fear of accidental gluten ingestion for millions of people with Celiac Disease.  Many countries have done studies of the wellbeing of Celiac patients and discovered that the fear of accidental ingestion is the largest contributor to overall lowered wellbeing for people with Celiac Disease.  Especially teenagers, who struggle to maintain a social life while being severely limited in what they can eat and drink. The company is called Immusan T and you can enroll in the US, Australia or New Zealand. Where to apply for enrollment: The name of the product is currently "Nexvax-2" Note tha

Ketogenic Diet Part 3: Reality Check

I originally thought there was no point in repeating what other people have said about the ketogenic diet.  However, after doing some research for this article, I realized that many new websites, seeking ad clicks, have sprung up.  And now, it's necessary to point you to some right resources.  This article will help you identify which sites are worthwhile, and which are just clickbait.  In hidsight, this might've been better as a 5 part series... this article is long!  Enjoy! Let's start with some myths. Myths There are lots of myths surrounding the diet.  You can find a list of ordinary myths anywhere, such as, bad breath, constipation, etc.  These are all potential annoyances, but there's a growing amount of just plain bad information too.  A site may not be legit if: 1.  It overly focuses on the keto flu, gives dire warnings about fiber and oily tarry stools, etc.    2.  It uses macros, percentages, or oversimplifies the diet as a "Protein and Fat

Ketogenic Diet Part 2: The Gallbladder

It's hard to find good information about the gallbladder.  The modern medicine view is that it's probably going to fail in middle age and should just be removed.  So why care about it?  If you're in need of a ketogenic diet, then it's better to have a gallbladder, but it's not necessary.  I've said before I was "transitioning" to a keto diet.  The usual way to do that is to fast for 24 or 36 hours, and then instantly switch to eating a keto diet.  But I don't have my gallbladder, so I'm switching slowly, reducing my carb intake and increasing my fat intake by steps.  It's harder to do that way, but I get better results. One of the effects of undiagnosed Celiac disease is a leaky gut.  Semidigested food bits and germs can pass through the gut barrier.  I was telling doctors that I felt like I was having peritonitis, that the symptoms were there.  But I am obese and when they felt my stomach for "hardening" I don't think t

Ketogenic Diet Part 1: Versus the DASH Diet

Image Designed by Freepik For several reasons I've decided to embark on a multi part series on the Ketogenic Diet.  I've always wanted to, but I wondered if it was off topic.  And I argued with myself that there's plenty of information out there already so why should I parrot it?  I also don't think that everyone should "go keto" but I do wish everyone would stop disparaging it. However, it's become obvious to me that many people are under the mistaken impression that the Ketogenic diet is some kind of unscientific fad, instead of a medical diet on par with the Gluten Free diet for Celiacs, or the low-fiber diet for diverticulitis, or the low-vitamin K diet for people on warfarin, or the low FODMAP diet for IBS, etc.  The number one mistake made is the assumption that keto a "high protein" diet.  It most certainly isn't. But before I launch into myths about it,

Angeled Eggs with Easy Mayonnaise Alternative LCHF

Have you read those articles or seen those videos of people making mayo?  They always assure you that it's easy, and that it's safe to use raw eggs.  OK I guess, if your beating arm is strong, and if you're willing to take a risk.  But what is it really?  A sauce.  A sauce, made cold, of emulsified oil.  So all we really need are oil, water, and an emulsifier.  You might wonder if it will taste good.  I can assure you it tastes better than any mayo you've ever tasted. Other than Hellman's (R), I think most mayo, that's store bought, is disgusting.  And the more "organic" or "extra virgin" it is, the worse it tastes.  I haven't tried them all but I've tried many while looking for something more nutritious than Hellman's (R).  I think the problem is, they don't preserve them enough (we all demand no preservatives, right?), and the oil is rancid.    So in a fit of pique, I came up with a piquant and lovely sauce made most