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Research - Celiac Disease and the Thyroid

Credit: Freepik by @creativeart Here is a research roundup that shows some of the connections between Celiac Disease and the Thyroid.  I'm not a doctor, or even a researcher.  However, I am capable of reading research and mostly understanding it, due to my background.  Clinical practice is often far behind science, and the ways the practice changes can sometimes be arbitrary.  One change may require only a few studies, others will require 30 or more studies with thousands of participants, and multiple meta-reviews all reaching the same conclusion. Well some people, especially newly diagnosed Celiacs who are elderly, may not have time to wait.  Knowing the science can help people ask their doctor the right questions and lead them to the right treatment faster.  I was told to come back later, when I was sicker so many times, that I took science into my own hands and started leading my own treatment.  And it helped a lot!  Maybe some of these insights will help you find some g

Upgrade your Gluten Free Diet to Gain Health Benefits

Credit: Freepik by @Schantalao Although it's enough for most people to avoid gluten, there are other diets that are healthful and can be done gluten free.  They may provide more benefits depending on your situation, especially if your diagnosis came too late to prevent a lot of damage.. Keep in mind that the more restricted the diet is, the more careful you have to be to ensure you have a wide range of nutrition in your food.  Here are some ideas for how to upgrade your diet. Vitamins are optional but highly recommended for everyone who is dealing with a deficiency causing disease. I'm an advocate of using organic foods but I also take a daily multivitamin which makes a difference I can feel. I currently take this one , but always make sure your vitamins and supplements are gluten free! If you're new to multivitamins, you might wonder why 'without iron' -- the reason some people take iron separately is because it can cause constipation. Other diet idea

Easy Gluten Free Meals - Tips and Tricks for Home or Travel

We sometimes think of old fashioned cooking as seasonal. That's true, the type of soup, stew and casserole suggested, even in modern food magazines, changes with the seasons.  There are a lot of books out there discussing canning to preserve harvested organic food.  But it takes a real foodie to discover the kid brother to canning, that is, dehydrating.  Since I've dedicated myself to being 100% organic in my food choices,or as close as possible, my choices are quite limited.  Luckily, many staples are already available organic.  Just, not always.  To some degree, I'm back to seasonal eating. That's OK with me.  I accept foods that are either certified organic or biodynamic and of course, they must be either gluten free labeled, or naturally gluten free.  I'm lucky I adore soups, and I have already experienced ketogenic dieting (among many others), so I don't feel like my diet is unbalanced due to too many restrictions.  My belief is that since my body has bee