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The Gluten Free Home - Save Money on Staples at the Indian Market

Click to Enlarge Many people have asked many times, “Why are bags of gluten free flour so tiny?  Where are the 5 lb bags of flour for holiday baking? Where do I find unusual flours for less?  These are so pricey!” If I wanted to bake bread, I’d have to buy several boxes or bags of flour, each one more expensive than the next. And even if I know how to cook, I need to learn new skills and that takes trial and error.  They say you have to break eggs to make an omelet, but I'm not sure they'd say that if eggs were as pricey as gluten free flour. I also believe that organic is essential for health, not a luxury, so that's a double whammy for price.  Let's see what we can do to reduce the financial pain of organic gluten free staples. I’ve found a place locally that can help save some money.  Even if you don’t like Indian food, you should still check out Indian food markets like Patel Brothers in Cary and Pinehurst NC .  They carry organic and gluten free versions of

Three Sisters Organic Chicken Stew - Crock Pot & Gluten Free

I got into a habit of making an Organic Chicken Stew every week, sometimes more than once a week.  I don't eat out almost ever so that's not too much, and It's so easy!   There's a bit of chopping, but I'm not always capable of finely chopping veggies.  So I just didn't, and it's better that way!  I chop them in bite size chunks or even two-bite chunks.  That helps avoid the mushy vegetables you sometimes get from a Crock Pot. I won't send you out to find exotic ingredients that you'll sub anyway, just good wholesome stew.  I think it's important to have all organic ingredients so that's what I use.  I noted 'organic' on those I consider to be more important than others, such as vegetables that are known to have GMO versions.  This kind of crock pot classic is great if you want to have ready meals when you get home after a day's work, or to make overnight.  Completed!  The bread is a local gluten free whole grain, by Imag

Raleigh-Durham-Triangle Deserves a Celiac Safe Gluten Free Event

  This post is being preserved for historical reasons.  The actual situations involved have evolved.  However, it's important for newly diagnosed people to see the kinds of pressures that lead businesses to offer people with Celiac disease inappropriate food choices.  You must always make your own decision about what you will eat after diagnosis.  That includes "events" that "cater" to the "allergy" and "gluten" free community, it includes every restaurant, even the 100% GF ones, and it includes all buying choices.  Even certified GF foods may have a supplier problem and undergo a recall.  Don't trust something just because it's claimed to be gluten free.  Yes, the phrase is a legal phrase.  But if you relax and decide to trust all such claims, and one of them is wrong, it's your health that is hurt.      I've had a long standing frustration about the GFAF Wellness Event that runs regional conventions.  When I first atte