Gluten Free Sunny & Sweet Egg Bake Breakfast

Here's something you can make to speed up busy mornings or to wow your family on a Sunday at brunch-time.  if you have eggs but are tired of the quick scramble, you can make an egg bake.  There are many recipes for them, from savory to sweet to themed.  But of course you must convert them to gluten free if they aren't.

Today I just took what fruits I had, combined fruits and bread, and poured some well beaten egg over it.  I often do this at the beginning of a week and refrigerate portions to eat on other days.  Each week I just use what I have.  It's a great strategy if you don't know what your energy level will be like on any given day.

 -- Dates and Cinnamon Sweet Egg Bake --

Into a frying pan or baking pan, place:

Two slices of gluten free bread you like.
Four dates, pitted and cut into 4-8 pieces.
A few cubes of a neutral vegetable like zucchini.

In a bowl blend together:

8 eggs (I used 5 chicken, and 2 duck eggs)
1 tablespoon flour (I used potato flour)
1/4 tsp of salt or to taste

Use a stick blender to thoroughly beat the egg/flour mixture until foamy and it thickens a bit.  If you do this by hand, don't use potato flour because it clumps too much.

Pour the egg mixture over the bread/fruits. Place slices of zucchini on top decroatively (tomato also works).  Sprinkle with cinnamon, nutmeg, and maybe a bit of pepper.

Bake for 20 minutes at 400 degrees F, until set.

 Slice and Serve.

If you cut this into quarters, each quarter will have two eggs in it, approximately, and you have breakfast for today and three more days. For two people you have breakfast for today, and one more day.

Garnish with any fresh fruits you have and/or jam.  In this case, I used a banana and some frozen blueberries from my "pancake making" stash in the freezer.



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