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Senior Citizens and Celiac Disease

In my family, we care for our elders ourselves.  We have generations of experience with being tolerant of each other, and  the highest priority is the wellbeing of each person.  Live and let live is a very good motto, but not if it means ignoring overmedication or a lack of proper care.  I suppose it was necessity that drove my family always to live in multi-generation groups.  But it's more than just tolerance and necessity.  It’s being capable of helping someone else bathe or dress without making value judgements, or getting depressed and ruminating about mortality.  Today’s happiness and dignity is more urgent. I think having your grandparents near is valuable, and to do it successfully, a person must have an uncommon commitment to that goal. Until I was an adult, the idea that caring for elders might be a burden never entered my mind, I never examined it, and probably others haven’t either.  Today, most seniors will want to move into senior housing, if not assisted living, a