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Gluten Free Holiday Cooking

This message was sent to Meetup members, but for ease of use, I'll post it here too: With the holidays fast approaching everyone's busy. I thought it might help to have a few recipes on hand for the inevitable GF visitor or some new ideas if you're already maintaining a GF kitchen and would like some new recipes My apologies that I missed the beginning of Hanukkah, hopefully any partying is still to come. Some holiday resources for GF Recipes (including Hanukkah and Kwanzaa) http://www.triumphdin... ­ https://www.goodforyo... ­ http://www.wholefoods... ­ ­ Remember that if your kitchen is not GF, a visitor will be taking a big risk, so buy them some prepackaged items and do not open them, let them read/open them when they're ready, and don't take it amiss if they bring their own food. It's just the way life is for them, ignore it so they don't feel so embarrassed.   Also, take care if you're adding cheese

Minutes and links from December 2, 2017 Meeting

When I started this blog, I first tried to start a Meetup group, but apparently people use that for social gathering, and not so much for serious topics.  These are the minutes and links from the first meeting.  The theme for this meeting is Indian traditional cooking that happens to avoid gluten.  A sub-theme is Thanksgiving meals and treats. Minutes: We met, shared stories, shared knowledge of GF options.  We discussed the three official GF grains (wheat, barley and rye) and the Australians and Indians add oats to their official list.  One person feels best if they buy only Australian oats, so local conditions seem to be a factor.  We discussed this at some length since Australia doesn't count oats to be gluten free and the member has been Celiac for many years. I shared recipes I had found useful so far, mainly on the Indian Food theme.  The advantage there is that if someone wants to be vegetarian, it offers many innovative choices higher in protein and fiber than one mi