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Frequently updated.  Resources and a network of local providers, meetups, conferences and food sources.  I will add to this post as often as I confirm new information.  It should be Featured (pinned to the top of the blog).  If it's not, please let me know. General Information on Celiac Disease and related links are found at the bottom of the article (very long page, and yes it needs some reorganization). Need some advice now that you're diagnosed with Celiac Disease or Non-Celiac Gluten Sensitivity?  It can be hard to find my older articles that are of special help to those starting out, but I've collected them on This Page for your convenience. Click here for the updated images of Certified Gluten Free symbols (March 2020).   Raleigh Celiac Support Group (Rex Hospital) -- Third Thursday every other month GIG WakeMed Celiac & Food Allergy Support Group --   at WakeMed Cary Hospital, 1900 Kildaire Farm Rd, Cary 27518  From a recent email: "2022: Start

COBREVAX Covid-19 Vaccine - No Patent!

 This is a momentous occasion I just want to bring to your attention that the world has a patent free Covid-19 Vaccine now. It's so far only approved for use in India. But the important thing is, we have one. This is a major improvement in vaccine distribution fairness.  Please treat the Omicron variant as seriously as all of them.  And consider that there is some evidence that rodents may be what's causing this outbreak to seem like it's magically getting to you even though you are staying home all the time.      I urge you to please, please stay home for New Year's Eve.  There will be more parties.  We will meet again.

Gluten Free Animal Crackers

  Summing this post up in one image, these are the prices on Amazon today for three different GF animal crackers brands.  Amazon can be a barometer for prices, and it can be far more expensive than buying locally.  But this comparison offers insight into what people go through when trying to find required safe food. Also, this is a food targeted at children.  Adults love them too, but notice how much bustle there is for the kid's market here. The good news is that GF animal crackers are widely available and safe to eat if you have Celiac Disease.  They may or may not be a good bargain depending on where you buy them or what  specific needs you have. Many make additional claims such as no corn, or non-GMO.  The only thing I couldn't find is Organic or Fair Trade ones. (Ahem, business opportunity!) You can also make these at home for even more safety and total control over ingredients:

New 2021 Regulations for Gluten Free Foods

  Regulation is being considered in the US Congress to strengthen labeling of gluten and other allergens in food.  While some will try to paint this move as excessive regulation, those of us who have no choice but to try and avoid certain ingredients should write to our lawmakers and support this legislation.    Bill is here. December 6th, 2021 article:  Archived: Excerpts to help you decide what to write:   Labeling confusion :   "Currently, when a packaged food is not explicitly labeled as gluten-free, a consumer can review a label for the presence of wheat, since wheat must be listed as an allergen. But the gluten-containing grains barley and rye are not currently required to be listed as allergens. A gluten-free consumer, therefore, cannot always tell whether these grains are presen

Testing Email

I'm sorry that this is not a real post.  Google sent out some disturbing emails about canceling Feedburner, which, I understood to mean, email won't work anymore.  Now that enough time has passed, I"m posting something just to see how emails work now.  I tried asking questions, but no answers were forthcoming. So here's a beautiful image to complete the post.   My best wishes go to you, may your holidays be perfect this year! PS:  It worked, I got mine in email.  I guess I should re-enable the Subscribe button.

AIRE by FoodMarble, hydrogen breath testing at home

  Courtesy of FoodMarble Suffer from dairy or FODMAP intolerance?  there's a device you may consider.  (Note, not an affiliate.) Ever wonder if you've had milk and was it "too much"?  People with lactose intolerance walk a thin line knowing they have limited ability to break down lactose.  For me the problems with milk seem deeper and more related to the fungi that come along for the ride in cheese, the various proteins in milk, etc, plus the limited lactase my body makes.  So I basically don't eat cheese, because the only cheese that doesn't cause gut problems for me is Velveeta, and I really don't consider that healthy.  The only dairy I ever touch anymore is nonfat yogurt.  But your needs and reasons may be different.    It's not just for dairy, apparently the app can track and help you identify problem high FODMAP foods.  In my experience if I've been exposed to gluten, my tolerance for FODMAPs goes way down.  At the moment I've trained my

(18 Months Ago) Rip Esselstyn and John Stewart had a Talk about PlantStrong / Engine 2

  Photo by Angelica Nelson  If you don't know the names in the title, let me introduce, Rip Esselstyn, the son of a cardiologist who began to educate his patients on eating a radically low fat diet, based on whole grains, beans and fresh fruits and vegetables, back when it wasn't as well known as it is today.  He published the book Engine 2 and now runs a website PlantStrong.  John Stewart needs no introduction in the US.  He's known as the first host of the "Daily Show" a Comedy Central experiment with a news satire show that is still wildly successful, and now hosted by the brilliant Trevor Noah.  After John Stewart went traveling, soon after he seemed to loose a lot of weight and I thought, OMG he's not sick is he?  But no, he just became vegan and lost a lot of weight.   Without judging people's choices I will say that I worry more when men become vegan than when women do.  I think they're affected differently.  But he's healthy and happy and I

Feeding Limits on Farmed Animals and Nutriton

  Photo by Helena Lopes from Pexels Years ago, my mother would complain that chicken in Romania smelled and tasted of fish because they were feeding fish to the animals.  Most of my family has a difficult time enjoying chicken for various reasons.  Including me.  I can't stand the smell or taste of non-Organic chicken and during the pandemic the smell of certain meats disgusted me.  I know from experience that I can't be vegetarian or vegan anymore (I was for over 12 years), but I still have a difficult relationship to meat eating. I need to brine all fowl before I consider it edible.  Only turkey rarely triggers a disgust reaction for me.  But that's fresh turkey, not lunchmeat turkey.  Later I noticed that a lot of meat in the supermarket claims "vegetarian fed" and that bothered me because I know that chickens and pigs are omnivores.  Even horses have a legendary affinity for meat as an occasional treat.  That seemed so unnatural to me, I asked several loc

Et tu, Williams Sonoma?

Modified, Photo by Henri Mathieu-Saint-Laurent from Pexels   During Celiac Awareness Month, I think it's important that we also call out the bad products.  Like Williams Sonoma's Gluten Free Artisan French Bread Mix .  Not only is it not really gluten free, there are no safeguards in place, like batch testing, and it clearly states that they use the same machine as products that contain wheat flour.  On top of everything else, it costs a whopping $15 a loaf and you have to make it yourself.  Not only is is highway robbery, but it's dangerous. It's not: Gluten free, it's clearly cross contaminated Batch tested Certified Gluten Free Affordable Whole Grain Free of excessive gums Easy to use So I  attempted to post a review on their site, explaining all this.   Not gluten free -- Clearly states this product is cross contaminated. Do not buy this if you have Celiac Disease, Gluten Ataxia, EDS, or any other medical reason why you need gluten free

Kids on the News for Celiac Disease Research

 Happy Celiac Disease Awareness Month!!   I can think of no better ambassadors for Celiac Disease than the darling children who have to deal with this as they grow up.  In a way I was lucky the disease didn't activate until I was older.  The message is clear, We need something better than just a strict diet.  The isolation is harmful and we could all live more confident lives without having to worry every time we eat.   Watch:     If you're just starting out, begin with my Resources page.  It's long and jam packed with info, but hopefully you can find what you need. Don't hesitate to get in touch if you need help.  A videographer did an excellent job expressing the social difficulties surrounding Celiac disease.  Watch: Stay safe and well.

Product Review: Bob's Red Mill GF Chocolate Chip Cookies

 This Gluten Free Cookie mix won't cause you to pull a face.  This is chocolate chip cookies the way they should be.  This is a reliable mix that you don't need to modify.  I always sneak a little extra water in it, so it ends up being about 1/4 cup water, but besides that I don't meddle.  I made a pan of wide lovely, crispy edged, soft in the middle cookies that I'd been dreaming of.  I don't have any illusions that this is somehow good for me, but a good treat is good for the soul.   Here's how, easy directions.. and like all baking, warm everything up in the microwave for 20-30 sec to take the refrigerator chill out of it.  I baked another batch with cold eggs and it was all lumpy and drier.  So don't do that. 👵  I used parchment paper to make it easy to shift the baked ones out of the pan and put new batter in for the next batch. (Don't use wax paper, it will burn.) Enjoy!  Ahh normalcy!!

Product Review: Krusteaz GF Cinnamon Swirl Crumb Cake

  Did you ever just want some junk food and Celiac makes that complicated?  I was missing things like Entenman's Raspberry Danish.  It's one thing to stay away from junk food.  It's another thing entirely to never have junk food again because you can't have the gluten.  So when I noticed that Krusteaz now has a line of GF flour, cake and a GF version of their beloved Crumb Cake, I bought a few to test it out.   Result?  It's honestly, truly, really, better than the gluten version was.   The instructions on the box are great, but here's a few tweaks: don't add an oil with flavor, this is not a good time to add evoo, because it will flavor the cake very srongly, use flavorless refined vegetable oil, melted butter, or liquid coconut oil add a teaspoon of cinnamon to the cake mix sprinkle some cinnamon on the cake mix layer before applying the crumb mixture, it won't sink that way you can optionally, use stewed apples instead of water, the cake will be softe

Product Review: Bob's Red Mill Homemade Wonderful GF Bread Mix

  Here's a ray of sunshine!  #BobsRedMill #GlutenFree #Bread Mix worked much better than I expected.  It produced a loaf that has classic size and shape, doesn't shrink as much as many homemade loaves, and has a great deal of firmness so you can make sandwiches that don't fall apart in your hands.  In fact the crust is crispy, even crunchy on top, and the crumb middle is soft and fluffy like ordinary white bread.  The smell is "normal" since it's a yeast bread.  It uses Saf brand yeast, Saf also makes Red Star yeast.   Since it's a mix, it has simple instructions on the back and I'm pleased to mention, that I've added two simplifications and it worked perfectly well.  The instructions say to use 1 egg and 3 egg whites.  I used two eggs and it was fine.  It also says to use room temp ingredients, but chances are this is a risky thing to do, liquids and eggs may be forgotten too long.  What I did was, I mixed eggs, water, oil, and then microwaved for

Q&A Natures Roots Farm Has Closed

 Updated! I was occasionally buying meat, especially "forest finished pork" from Nature's Roots Farm ( archived ) ( historical archived ) and suddenly received their email saying they'd closed.  They provided A2 milk, better than Organic meat and farm products and were all around a fun farming family in NC. I'm really sorry to hear that they're leaving.   If you're also a customer and looking for continuity, the new source is Farm to Fork Meat Riot .  What an amusing name. :)  And for A2 milk it will probably be Grass Grazed . I got in touch by email eventually and this is the reply to some questions about their decision:    Would you be willing to be quoted regarding a few questions?  1.  Your idea for forest-fed better than Organic pork was innovative and unique, is anyone taking over it?  People always ask us if we are certified organic and we tell them if we went by certified organic standards we would have to lower our standards.  So we would refe

The Fizzy Electrolyte Dance

  Photo credit: reddit user u/cata_tonic (2010) In the 1990s I could go into any health food store, or well stocked supermarket and find Emergen-C,with electrolytes, and back then, it was a great product.  Over time though, it lost more and more good features, until I was switching to Trace Minerals Power Pak, and whenever possible, I'd find a box here and there of Emergen-C Electro Mix , which was not a separate product at first.  But ElectroMix is now permanently gone, I think.  Another electrolyte mix that's no longer any good is Vega, the ingredient list is far shorter, and the price has tripled.   I think the "vitamin water" craze has nearly killed an extremely important part of human nutrition and self care, meaning, the electrolyte mix industry.  I think what happened is, people want to drop something in their water bottle and have it NOT fizz. I think they are annoyed at having to wait until the fizzing stops to put a cap on their Nalgene bottle.  But the real

Why Gluten Free Wheat and Non Allergenic Peanuts are Not the Answer

  Woman looking uncertainly at light bulb. Photo by Anete Lusina from Pexels Sometimes "good" news makes me angry. This is one of those times. We keep hearing news of gluten free wheat and it's getting annoying.  This isn't the first such news and probably won't be the last.  But the fact is, this news is not for us, the people with Celiac Disease, it's for the food processing corporations that make packaged foods.  The big news in the past few days has Israeli scientists smugly showing lab devices in nice photos, but I think the optimism is premature.  An Israeli startup, Ukko, is working on two food tolerance problems (paywall if you close the page) , using CRISPR to edit the genes of the plants, wheat and peanut.    Normally, if you said to me, hey I've got a less allergenic peanut, people will get sick, but they won't have anaphylaxis from it.  I'd be jumping up and down and demanding that all ordinary peanut butter should be made from it.